My 12th and Final Commandment of Interview Preparation

To commemorate the passage of Memorial Day and the great sacrifices our armed forces have made to make our country great and free, I have just released my 12th and final commandment of interview preparation. Please go to and click on 12th (below) to view.

I have created these twelve complimentary commandments to assist you with your all-important job interviews. This month’s tip deals with one of the most overlooked parts of the interview process; follow up (or lack thereof) after an interview. It is entitled, “After the interview is over send a sales letter.”

A sales letter is a thank you letter on steroids! It is 25% thank you for your time and 75% salesmanship reinforcing 2 or 3 reasons why you are best qualified for the job. 
For example, “Mr. Jones, I really enjoyed our interview yesterday (the thank you part). As a result, I feel even more than before that I am a great fit for your organization. I say this because (list 2-3 reasons why and give examples= this is the sales part). “ 

This will provide you one more opportunity to sell yourself as a solution to that employer’s needs! So remember to send a sales letter after all your interviews.

This concludes my 12 Commandments of Interview Preparation. Please feel free to return and review all twelve at your convenience. I hope they can be a benefit to you.