Job Interview Coaching Trains Right Way Of Interviewing

Job Interview coaching teaches job interview techniques improving interviewing and helping you land a job
Job Interview coaching is indispensable with real unemployment or U6 at almost 25% as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. This means that almost one in four people you know is either unemployed or underemployed (e.g. involuntarily working part time when they really want a full-time job).

Happily, Strategic Search Corporation has developed effective job interview coaching solutions for you. Our executive search firm primarily created these job interview training methods for the engineers, scientists, information technology (IT), technical, research and development (R&D) and manufacturing technology talent we represent with our recruiting efforts.

However, our job interview coaching procedures can be easily be employed by any profession ranging from recent high school graduates, seeking their first job, to C-level executives (e.g. CEO, CTO or CIO) with many years of job experience!

One of our top job interview coaching tools is The Real Benefit Exercise™ video which is an important part of our revolutionary, new World2Work® job interview training program. During this job interview training we teach you the right and wrong way to approach interviewing.

Job Interview Coaching Teaches The Right Way Of Interviewing

During part six of the The Real Benefit Exercise™ video we apply the job interview techniques learned during the first five parts. This includes demonstrating the right and wrong way to approach commonly asked interviewing questions. This job interview training will help you correct a myriad of mistakes you may make during your all-important job interviews.

This instruction is taught in a documentary style so you can easily learn through the trials and tribulations of our job candidate Ed Johnson. We provide detailed job interview coaching demonstrating proper and improper ways to approach commonly asked interviewing questions.

We employ this method of job interview coaching in order to greatly improve your chances of landing your next job during these difficult times. This is critical because there are now exponentially more candidates competing for fewer jobs than before COVID-19. Additionally, the most important part of landing a job is selling yourself during the all-important interview. We are masters of the interviewing process and we share this expertise with you during our interview job training sessions.

Virtual Job Interview Training June 27, 2020

Our next virtual job interview training session is on June 27, 2020 at 3 p.m. It will focus on first step of our 12 step World2Work® program. Namely “Getting Your Psychological House In Order.”

We have selected this as our first step because employment research shows that many job seekers are very stressed, depressed and anxious after losing their jobs. Moreover, when job candidates do not effectively deal with this trauma, it may sabotage both their interviewing efforts and ability to land and keep a job.

During this first step we will share a wide range of techniques to help you get your psychological house in order. In turn these will help you better perform during your job interviews.

Depending upon your level of funds, you can employ many types of exercises and expert advice. Whichever methods you choose, the most important thing is to learn to relax. For example, on the more expensive side, you can: 1) visit a psychologist or psychiatrist or career counselor to discuss internal emotional issues 2) get a massage or facial to help you relax or 3) learn some stress-reducing breathing exercises such as meditation or yoga.

On the inexpensive side, you can: 1) do some deep breathing exercises or 2) visit a friend or religious leader to talk over problems related to being laid off or fired.

Whichever method you choose, relaxing will improve your interviewing performance. As a result, you will amplify your chances of landing and keeping your next job.

One-On-One Job Interview Training Sessions

Besides our one-hour virtual seminars based upon our 12-step program, we also offer private, customized job interview coaching sessions. These focus on your individualized needs with the sole purpose of improving your interviewing prowess.

If you are interested in learning more, please use my Contact Form or call me at 312-380-9688.

Remember, seating is limited for our initial upcoming seminar scheduled for Saturday, June 27th at 3 p.m. CST. It is on a first come, first served basis.

I guarantee you will benefit by learning my proven, successful techniques by investing just a few minutes of your time!

Our job interview coaching will help you through this crisis and get back to work.

Thank you and be safe.

Scott Sargis