Work has always been equated with worth.

Throughout history, all civilizations have equated work with worth. As a result, being fired is a stigma everyone has tried to avoid.

I was extremely upset when they fired me. The worst part was realizing that I couldn’t start all over again. It was too late for me to do anything else with my life.

Meet Ed Johnson. A middle-aged business executive who just lost his job of 15 years. The bottom has fallen out of his life and only this man is in a position to save him.

Will Mr. Johnson survive every employee’s worst nightmare? FIRED!!!

Hello. I’m Scott Sargis, president of Strategic Search Corporation and founder of the fired movement. I’m an expert on jobs, careers and labor issues including I’ve been an executive recruiter for over 15 years and I’ve written extensively on workplace issues for such publications as the Chicago Tribune because the single most important part of getting a job is selling yourself in the interview process.

I’ve created The Real Benefit Exercise™ as the first of a 12-step program to help you find a job. Future modules will cover such topics as developing an effective resume and winning salary negotiations. However, as you will soon see through the trials and tribulations of Ed Johnson The Real Benefit Exercise™ is a very powerful system.

We named it The Real Benefit Exercise™ because top salesmen talk in terms of benefits to the customer. In this case we recommend you view the interviewer as your customer and what you’re selling is your background as a solution to their needs.

Let’s see how this works.