Interview Question To Improve R&D Recruiting

During our 25 years of existence, our technical recruitment firm has uncovered many secrets to uncovering more useful information from candidates. The normal tendency of candidates is to only provide a modicum of general information. However, to gain more and better information it is important that you both: a) ask the right types interview questions and b) word those interview questions correctly. To that end, one useful technical recruiting question is: “What do you do?” Please go to and click on #3 (below) for our video on this key R&D recruiting aid.

Psychological, employment and executive recruiting research all show that open-ended questions tend to elicit a lot more useful information. One of the best open-ended interview questions is, “what do you do?” Please use this question in conjunction with other valuable interview questions such as the 1 to 10 rating scale that I shared at

In fact, Strategic Search Corporation has trained all of our R&D recruiters, engineering recruiters, scientific recruiters, IT recruiters and technical recruiters on the proper use of open-ended questions such as “what do you do?” This includes asking, restating and reusing this question throughout the interview. This prevents candidates from only sharing rehearsed answers.

The benefit of this open-ended interview question is it will help you gain more useful employment information from your job candidates during the interview process. So remember to train your internal management recruiters and external executive recruiting staff on periodically asking and restating, “what do you do?” during interviews to each and every job candidate in your executive recruitment process.

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