Interview Mastery Benefits Both Job Seekers | Employers

Interview Mastery Benefits Both Job Seekers | Employers
Interview skills dictate whether or not jobs seekers land their next job. They also are paramount for employers seeking the optimum information from job candidates for important hiring decisions.

Unfortunately, interviewing is a flawed process. However, most employers focus on interview performance for hiring key talent. That is why interview mastery is indispensable for both job candidates and hiring companies.

Labor Department’s BLS Reports 916,000 Jobs Created In March

With hiring accelerating last month at best pace since August, good interview performance is especially important.

The Labor Department in their last report shared that U.S. employers added a seasonally adjusted 916,000 jobs in March. As a result, the unemployment rate fell to 6.0%.

Hiring rose in most industries, led by a gain of 280,000 in the category that includes restaurants and hotels. Employment also rose sharply in construction, manufacturing and the government.

Additionally, many economists project employers will add an average of 514,000 jobs each month over the next year, for a total of more than 6 million. That would mark the best 12-month stretch of job creation in decades but leave overall employment totals below where they stood before the pandemic.

Real Benefit Exercise™ Helps Employers | Job Seekers Interview

Strategic Search Corporation developed a revolutionary interview practice system called The Real Benefit Exercise™ to ensure that our engineers, scientists, research and development (R&D), information technology (IT), technical and manufacturing technology candidates will stand out in the interview process. It is one of the cornerstones of my new World2Work®, 12-step career coaching program.

This approach is also vital for our hiring company clients. It streamlines the interviewing process by educating job candidates to provide a lot more useful information to employers in a shorter period of time. This in turn helps staffing professionals and hiring managers to make quicker and better hiring decisions!

In the video, I teach job candidate Ed Johnson how to improve his interview skills by taking a sales approach to the interviewing process. I instruct him to highlight all his quantitative accomplishments and skills related to the job he is interviewing for.

Though this is not always easy, I recommend recalling any awards he has received, ways he made or saved money, or improved operations of present and past employers. I tutor him to spend at least a few days trying to remember all these key accomplishments.

I also recommend reviewing the job description and researching the company he is interviewing with. Both will offer clues as to which information to emphasize during the interview.

Moreover, I recommend practicing before the interview. This is the case because human resource research demonstrates that the more and harder one practices before an actual interview, the easier and more flawless it will be. Additionally, if one video tapes practice interviews, they will uncover many interviewing flaws before the actual interview.

Also, I recommend choosing a practice interviewer who you can trust, who is smart, knows your industry and will be very tough on you. This is the case because research also shows that the tougher you practice interview, the easier your actual interviews will be.

Lastly, I recommend taking a consultative approach to interviewing. Put yourself in the hiring company’s shoe’s and ask the question, “How can I benefit them?” The more you can solve an employer’s problems, the more likely that you will be hired!

Remember, businesses are in business to make money. The more you can show them you can help them make money during your interview, the more likely you will stand out in the interview process become their next employee!

Furthermore, the tenants of the Real Benefit Exercise™ will also provide a lot more useful information to employers. This in turn will make their hiring decisions a lot easier. Therefore, this system will be of great value to both employment parties, the job seeker and the employer!

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