Employers Add 200,000+ Jobs 15 out of last 16 months: Open-ended Interview Questions Can Help!

The Labor Department reported Thursday morning that U.S. employers added 223,000 new employees to their payrolls in June. This was the 15th out of the last 16 months that they have added at least 200,000 net new jobs. As a result, the unemployment rate fell to 5.3%, which is its lowest level since April 2008.

Accordingly, certain professions have become very scarce due to tremendously high demand and extremely short supply. These include research and development (R&D), scientific, engineering, information technology (IT), technical and manufacturing talent from staff levels (e.g. food scientists, robotics engineers and artificial intelligence experts) up and including C-levels such as CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and CIO (Chief Information Officer) positions that our technical recruiting firm specializes in. Please go to https://strategicsearch.com/qualification-technical-recruiting.php for a more complete picture of our 6 niche areas.

open-ended interview questions

Therefore, it is ever more important to be very thorough in your engineering recruiting, scientific recruiting, R&D recruiting, IT recruiting, technical recruiting and manufacturing recruiting processes to ensure that you secure the optimum talent for your recruiting needs. This is the case because your firm is currently facing a war for talent for these key technical positions. This is confirmed by recent research that I outlined in last week’s article Jobs Open Longer: Hire Only One Executive Recruiter! that there are currently 5,400,000 vacant job openings according to the Labor Department. This is an all-time high. Therefore, you need to have a differential advantage versus your competition in order to secure the key technical talent you are seeking. To that end, one useful tool I can share is the magical interview question, “What do you do?”

Recruitment research shows that open-ended interview questions tend to elicit more detailed and useful job candidate information. One of the best open-ended interview questions is, “what do you do?” Please use this question in conjunction with other interviewing questions including the ones I have shared at https://strategicsearch.com/technical-recruiting-tips/technical-recruiting-tips.php

The benefit of open-ended interview questions like this is they will help you gain more useful employment information from your job candidates during the interview recruitment process. So remember to periodically ask, “what do you do?” to every job candidate during your interviews.

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