CEO Location: Austin, Texas

The Company: Venture-backed startup on the cutting-edge of nanosensors. We have a wide portfolio of patents and potential applications for state-of-the-art sensors including: 1) novel, medical diagnostics that will revolutionize preventative medicine (e.g. “Star Trek-like” scanners that can quickly identify what maladies a person has and recommend quick preventative care to solve those problems) and 2) CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) sensors that can quickly detect microscopic amounts of security threats, which will transform worldwide security detection.

First Year’s Compensation: First year’s salary $200-250,000 plus a guaranteed bonus of $75-100,000 based upon reaching certain mutually agreed upon milestones.

Future Compensation: Endless potential. For example, stock options alone can conservatively net up to $5 million within three years based upon certain reachable goals.

What we need: We seek a very creative leader with a proven track record in launching new companies and products to assist us with: a) commercializing our unique, multi-patented technologies b) raising money and c) building our company. Our ideal candidate will have a unique mixture of scientific, marketing, operations and investor relations background including:

  1. At least one example of building a new company (or new division within an existing company) from concept through a successful launch into a profitable entity.
  2. A proven track record in commercializing new products (especially cutting-edge technologies).
  3. At least one example of working with investors to raise money including venture capitalists, angel investors or investment bankers.
  4. At least one example of quickly building a high quality team from scratch, including technical, operations, program management, financial, marketing and administrative personnel.
  5. At least one example of getting involved with a company or product line that was underperforming or unprofitable and turning it into a profitable venture.
  6. A strong grasp of cutting-edge technologies.
  7. The ability to successfully communicate with and manage high-level technology personnel (e.g. PhD level scientists who are cutting-edge in their field).
  8. Past experience with medical products, devices or applications (especially medical diagnostics)?
  9. (Plus) Past experience with sensor technologies (especially nanosensors).