AI Job Recruiting Soaring | 5 Artificial Intelligence Skills

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AI job recruitment is helping drive our country’s lowest level of unemployment since December 1969! Additionally, AI recruitment has fueled last month’s 103rd straight month of job creation!

Many use the term Artificial Intelligence (AI) loosely. However, there are few actual products that really use AI. But if you are an engineer who understands AI and machine learning (ML), you are in high demand to develop it.

So, how do you become such an engineer?

Here are five engineering skills you’ll need to know to become a machine learning engineer:

1. Computer science and programming: The caveat is AI cannot program itself, at least not yet. You have the beginnings of a good AI engineer if you have a strong engineering foundation in data structures, algorithms, complexity and computer architecture, multidimensional arrays, optimization, NP (nondeterministic polynomial)-complete problems and distributed processing.
2. Probability and statistics: To be a good AI and ML engineer you need to understand statistics including means, medians, binomial distributions and Hidden Markov Models.
3. Data modeling and evaluation: It is not necessary to be a data scientist, but it helps. Be prepared to learn all kinds of accuracy and error measurements as well as evaluation strategies, among other things.
4. Applying ML algorithms and libraries: Can you take those publicly available APIs (application programming interface) and select the right model and learning procedure to fit the data? This is where you take all of those theories you just learned and apply them.
5. Software engineering and system design: You’re probably not done once you’ve implemented your algorithms and libraries practically. Your software still needs to work with a larger system of products and services to be of any use at all. Library calls, REST (representational state transfer) APIs, database queries—you need to know that stuff too.
Now this may all seem like a lot, but each part feeds into the next. At the end, you have a thing that creates faces from scratch—or whatever useful goal you were trying to attain.

There is a War for Talent Going On!

If you are a strong AI engineer, you can write your own ticket today. This is the case because there is way, way too much demand for artificial intelligence and machine learning engineers than there is a supply of qualified talent.

This was confirmed during my recent interview on CBS Radio affiliate WBBM News Radio 780 on Wednesday, April 24th with hosts Kris Kridel AND Cisco Cotto. Please click here to listen to my segment in its entirety.

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