288,000 Jobs Created Last Month!

According to today’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report, the unemployment dropped .4% to 6.3%, its lowest rate since September 2008!

255,000 new jobs created last month according to the Labor Department. In particular, Engineering and technical recruiting remain strong

Most sectors added new jobs including:

  1. Professional and business services gaining 75,000 last months for an average of 55,000 new jobs over the last 12 months.
  2. Retail Trade added 35,000 new jobs last month for an average of 28,000 for the past 12 months!
  3. Food Services and Drinking Places adding 33,000 new jobs last month add 327,000 for the past 12 months!
  4. Construction adding 32,000 new workers last month bringing the total to 189,000 over the past year. The key is 75% of those were added in the last 6 months!
  5. Health Care added another 19,000 in March on top of the 19,000 added in March.
  6. Mining also added 10,000 on top of the 7,000 added the month before.

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reportTherefore, it is time to engineer a new resume. To that end, one mantra I recommend is: numbers, numbers, numbers. This means to include as many quantitative accomplishments as possible. Instead of saying, “I was part of a team to implement a new MRP system” one should quantify that. For example, “as a result of my 34 man-hours managing a team of 7 IT professionals, software engineers and design engineers which resulted in our new MRP system being engineered 30% ahead of schedule and saving our company $4.5 million.”

One should also include such quantitative accomplishments as patents, awards and any ways you have made or saved money for your employer. This will be a lot easier to quantify if you are an engineer, scientist or technical professional, but everyone can accomplish this task with some planning and calculations. Remember as a rule of thumb for every dollar you are paid in your job, your company will earn $3 or more for your efforts. To that end, an employer needs to feel that you will be generating profit from your work. That is why you should include as many “numbers” in your resume as possible. To further assist you with this process, I recommend my training video The Real Benefit Exercise at http://www.strategicsearch.com/real-benefit-exercise.php

What are your thoughts?