Welcome to Strategic Search Corporation

Our experienced consultants will guide you through the rough waters of technical, scientific and engineering employment.

Strategic Search Corporation celebrated it’s 30th Anniversary on July 14, 2019. Located in Chicago, IL and established on July 14, 1989, its consultants have over 50 years combined experience in technical, scientific and engineering executive search.

Why Strategic Search

We have grown steadily since opening our doors in 1989 to become the world’s leader in the areas of R&D, scientific, engineering and technical recruiting. Our placements range from senior staff level scientists and engineers to CTO (Chief Technology Officer), CSO (Chief Science Officer) and CIO (Chief Information Officer) positions.

Our clients include many Fortune 500 companies such as Wm. Wrigley Company and Illinois Tool Works (ITW). They also include numerous fast growth, high technology and venture capital backed startup companies such as Alteon (anti-aging drugs), Oregon Chai (Tea products) and Fleishmann’s Vinegar.

The best word to describe us is thorough. As proof of that, our organization has undergone extensive police and security training over the last several years to improve our already strong investigative skills. When pursuing your needs, we leave no stone unturned!

Over the last five years Strategic Search Corporation has put together a nationwide network of trained investigators to personally examine your potential employee records at court houses across the nation. We uncover criminal pasts, workers compensation problems, DUI’S, sex offenses and Patriot Act violations. We examine civil records (e.g. bankruptcies and lawsuits) and other reckless behavior. We check references. We dig deep.