What’s the cost of hiring a criminal?
You don’t want to find out…

Over the last five years Strategic Search Corporation has recruited a nationwide network of trained investigators to personally examine your potential employee records at court houses across the nation. With this service, called Accu-Check™, we uncover criminal pasts, workers compensation problems, DUI’S, sex offenses, civil problems (e.g. bankruptcies and lawsuits) and other reckless behavior. We do so at NO additional cost to you on ALL candidates you interview generated from our retained searches.
Furthermore, as part of this service we also offer both: a) drug screening and b) very thorough reference checks. For example, all of our consultants personally conduct reference checks each often lasting up to 30-45 minutes. This includes digging deep by asking and re-stating questions to uncover REAL information for you. We do NOT outsource this important function as many other companies do to save money. Instead, each of our trained consultants personally performs this crucial process, which results in providing you with a lot more detailed candidate information to help you make a more informed hiring decision!

Why all this important?

Past behavior is the best predictor of future misdeeds.

Most investigative services uncover only 10% of convicted felons.

Most services rely on DOC (Department of Corrections) database searches. They do not physically check every candidate’s record in every county where they have lived. These databases are rarely updated, riddled with errors and uncover only 10% of convicted felons serving hard time. They often miss the majority of convicted felons who have been given lighter sentences due to overcrowded jails.

Our services uncovers 99% of all candidates problems.

By having a network of researchers strategically located across the nation, we can uncover problems in every county that your prospective employee has lived in over the last 7-10 years!
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