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WordPress Can Generate Interviews

I am happy I pushed myself to attend WordCamp Chicago 2011 this weekend. Though my time was limited, I am very glad I allocated the time to experience this phenomenal event. There were numerous geniuses who unselfishly shared many key tips to help my two blogs which are both based upon WordPress CMS (Content Management System). It also helped me to realize that WordPress can be an important vehicle to assist job seekers in standing out among the sea of eager job applicants during these terrible employment times. Developing a blog and sharing its content on some specific area, that you stand out among your peers, can get you noticed. Furthermore, WordPress makes this a lot easier to do. I really recommend (if you have not considered doing so already) developing a work-related blog on your expertise. Especially sharing helpful hints that you think can assist others. Also, commenting on other’s blogs, social media sites and on-line articles. The more you do so, the more likely you will get noticed among the clutter of desparate job seekers.

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