New Jobs Numbers A Mixed Bag!

New Jobs Numbers A Mixed Bag!

This morning the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that nonfarm employment rose by a seasonally adjusted 209,000 in July. This marked the 6th straight month that the U.S. economy created 200,000 or more jobs, which hasn’t occurred since 1997! BLS also reported that payrolls rose by 298,000 in June, … Read More

Hiring Picking Up Steam: Need A TALENT AUDIT!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) 340,000 new jobs have been created during the last two months. Furthermore, anecdotally, I have noticed that many of our clients have significantly ramped up hiring in the last few months (especially technical employees such as engineers and IT professionals). … Read More

Unemployment Drops To 7.7%, But Job Market Still Very, Very Soft: 3-PRONGED APPROACH ENERGIZES JOB HUNTING!

Though the unemployment rate dropped by .2% to 7.7%, a lot more needs to be done. For example, if you total: a) Unemployed (12 million) b) those involuntarily working part-time (8 million) and c) those who have just given up looking (2.6 million), the aggregate figure only fell 100,000 from Read More

Today’s Infamous Historical Date Extrapolates To Continued Employment Upheaval: NEW OUTPLACEMENT MODEL MAY PROVIDE THE PANACEA!

Seventy-one years ago, our country joined World War II after being attacked at Pearl Harbor. Because the worldwide jobs market continues to be assaulted, we may be dragged into another international calamity, global depression.

Beginning the week was a report from the Institute for Supply Management that the U.S. manufacturing … Read More

Are We Better Than Four Years Ago? THE BLS SAYS NO!

With  both conventions concluded it appears that the Democrats won the battle of speeches. Beginning with the spirited keynote from mayor Julian Castro and continuing through Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden and President Obama, the convention hall rocked to persuasive claims of: a) 4.5 million new jobs created b) … Read More

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