5 U.S. Census Bureau Holiday Figures Confirm Improved Engineering Recruiting in 2016

5 U.S. Census Bureau Holiday Figures Confirm Improved Engineering Recruiting in 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at the technical and engineering recruiting firm Strategic Search Corporation.

Five U.S. Census Bureau Figures Confirm Improved Engineering Recruiting

On this special day, I wanted to share five key holiday-related facts and figures from the U.S. Census Bureau that point to … Read More

Improving Your Technical And Engineering Recruitment With The “Mirror” Question

Engineering and technical jobs are the lifeblood of most engineering recruiting and technical recruiting firms. Technology and engineering breakthroughs are also the essence of what drives marketplace success for both startups and established companies. As a result, the entire technical and engineering talent recruitment process needs to be precisely planned. … Read More

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Solving Technical Recruiting Shortages With LinkedIn

The Labor Department recently announced that job openings rose to an all-time high at 5,400,000 nationwide. Many of these jobs are for technical candidates. This points to a lot more recruiting demand than supply in many recruitment categories including technical professionals. Please go to this site for the most recent … Read More

Employers Add 200,000+ Jobs 15 out of last 16 months: Open-ended Interview Questions Can Help!

The Labor Department reported Thursday morning that U.S. employers added 223,000 new employees to their payrolls in June. This was the 15th out of the last 16 months that they have added at least 200,000 net new jobs. As a result, the unemployment rate fell to 5.3%, which is its … Read More

Jobs Open Longer: Hire Only One Executive Recruiter!

Recent statistics from the Labor Department show a record number of job openings by U.S. employers. The reported 5,400,000 current jobs are the most since they started tracking them in 2000. Combined with two other recent studies, this explains why positions are taking longer to fill not only in the … Read More

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