Recruiting More Jobs: AI (Artificial Intelligence) Part 4

Recruiting More Jobs: AI (Artificial Intelligence) Part 4

artificial intelligence is growing rapidly. Therefore, recruiting a CAIO is imperative for your technical, engineering, scientific, IT, R&D and manufacturing growth

The Labor Department reported this morning that, after a sluggish March, employer recruiting accelerated again in April with 211,000 new jobs created. This caused the unemployment rate to fall to 4.4%, its lowest level in nearly a decade! Unfortunately, the U.S. economy only grew at a 0.7% annual pace and … Read More

21st Century Cures Act: More Healthcare Technology And Jobs

21st Century Cures Act will invigorate scientific, engineering, R&D (research and development), IT, technical and manufacturing technology in the healthcare field

Yesterday, President Obama signed the 21st Century Cures Act, which not only improved healthcare conditions for most Americans, but also will ramp up R&D (research and development), scientific, engineering, IT (information technology) and manufacturing jobs and technical healthcare breakthroughs. This will create have the side benefit of creating many … Read More

President Trump: 2 Steps To Technology Innovation & Jobs!

As I shared last week in the first of this 2-part series, the real work for President Donald John Trump as the 45th president of the United States now begins. So far he has made some swift, bold and decisive staffing decisions that confirm he is a hiring executive … Read More

What Is Manufacturing?

Our country’s huge success has been built on the back of a strong manufacturing base. Our ability to produce our own planes, tanks and ammunition have made it possible for us to fight and win many wars. It has also provided our citizens a lot of very high paying jobs.… Read More

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