Data Storage Technology Startups Facing Engineering Recruiting Shortages

Data Storage Technology Startups Facing Engineering Recruiting Shortages

Recently, the Wall Street Journal announced that private-equity, venture capital and angel investment firms are increasingly pouring money into data storage technology startup companies. For example, venture capitalists invested $6 billion into 96 startups selling storage-related hardware, software and services between 2010 and the first half of this year according … Read More

More Foreign Workers: Better For U.S. Wages?

A recent study done by three academic economists claims that more hiring of foreign workers by U.S. employers will also raise the wage scales of U.S. born workers. University of California, Davis researchers Giovanni Peri, Kevin Shih and Colgate researcher Chad Sparber collaborated to examine wage data and immigration … Read More

The Right Engineer For Your Technical Jobs!

As an engineering recruiter the goal of my engineering recruitment agency is to uncover the finest engineers, scientists, IT and technical professionals for the management recruiters of my clients. Engineer recruitment is a difficult road to follow with many winding turns. Scientific recruiting, technical recruiting and IT recruiting can be … Read More

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