Recruiting More Jobs: AI (Artificial Intelligence) Part 1

Recruiting More Jobs: AI (Artificial Intelligence) Part 1

AI needs to be the focus of job creation with only 98,000 new jobs created last month. This includes artificial intelligence engineering, scientific, IT, research and development and manufacturing jobs

The term artificial intelligence or AI is frequently hurled around the media, but is it hype or reality? It appears to be a genuine, growing field adding employees at an accelerated pace. This is particularly important with the Labor Department reporting this morning the fewest jobs additions in over a … Read More

AI: The Most Valuable Engineering Breakthrough: Problems!

Many feel that artificial intelligence will provide the same exponential positive impact to the world’s economies that microchip technology did in the 1980’s. That is why I engineered this 3-part AI series. In the first two parts I shared the present and future applications of AI. In this third … Read More

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Recruiting Is Challenging technical and engineering recruitment teams

technical recruiters are finding a lack of quality AI professionals
As I have shared on many occasions, including during my two recent WGN Radio appearances, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is changing the world.

It is also stressing out many technical recruitment teams. This is the case because many companies worldwide are facing growing shortages of AI experts. These increased … Read More

AI creating A lot of New, High Paying Jobs!

Artificial Intelligence JobsAs you probably know from my past articles including Entrepreneurs, NOT GOVERNMENT MANDATES, Are The Key To Higher Wages! I am a huge proponent of the free market being unshackled and allowed to create new jobs and increased wages. Though no system is perfect, historically, the free market … Read More

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