AI: The Most Valuable Engineering Breakthrough: The Future

AI: The Most Valuable Engineering Breakthrough: The Future

Apple, Google, Uber, GM, Ford all investing in AI developments include driverless cars, robotics, vision systems and other AI breakthroughs

As I shared in last week’s article, artificial intelligence (AI) is a fast growing industry that is currently offering many futuristic applications! In this second of three parts I will explore 6 fields that will be dramatically impacted by future AI developments. They include work and jobs, healthcare, vehicles, … Read More

AI: The Most Valuable Engineering Breakthrough: The Present

In this first of three parts, I will discuss the current state of artificial intelligence (AI) including applications and recruiting. The key is AI is no longer science fiction. It is a growing R&D (Research and Development), scientific, engineering, technical, IT (Information Technology) and manufacturing field that is presently all … Read More

Technology Employment Up; Overall Jobs Market Remains Soft!

technology jobs continue to grow

The Labor Department reported this morning that the U.S. economy delivered only modest job growth in September while wages picked up. However, technology employment continues to grow. Jobs in cutting edge fields such as AI, robotics, machine learning, vision systems and other state of the art engineering, scientific, R&D, … Read More

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Recruiting Is Challenging technical and engineering recruitment teams

technical recruiters are finding a lack of quality AI professionals
As I have shared on many occasions, including during my two recent WGN Radio appearances, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is changing the world.

It is also stressing out many technical recruitment teams. This is the case because many companies worldwide are facing growing shortages of AI experts. These increased … Read More

LinkedIn Recruiting

Solving Technical Recruiting Shortages With LinkedIn

The Labor Department recently announced that job openings rose to an all-time high at 5,400,000 nationwide. Many of these jobs are for technical candidates. This points to a lot more recruiting demand than supply in many recruitment categories including technical professionals. Please go to this site for the most recent … Read More

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