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Solving Technical Recruiting Shortages With LinkedIn

The Labor Department recently announced that job openings rose to an all-time high at 5,400,000 nationwide. Many of these jobs are for technical candidates. This points to a lot more recruiting demand than supply in many recruitment categories including technical professionals. Please go to this site for the most recent government figures on job openings.

New Technologies Are Driving Technical Recruiting Shortages

As I shared at AI creating A lot of New, High Paying Jobs!” and Challenges In Filling Engineering Vacancies On The Rise” technology breakthroughs are fueling a technical recruiting war among hiring companies for key technology talent. Tech jobs are plentiful, but qualified technical talent is in very short supply.

Hiring Companies Are Scrambling For Ways To Better Recruit

As a result of shortages of key technical talent, hiring companies are revising their recruitment practices to include many other perks, beyond just increased salaries, to attract technical talent. Unfortunately, many of these companies have found that just increasing benefits and salaries alone will not yielded better technology staffing results.

LinkedIn Recruiting

Improved Technical Recruiting Results Via LinkedIn

Recently LinkedIn offered a webinar entitled, “How To Run LinkedIn Searches Like A Pro.” They shared advanced search techniques, tips for using InMail (their e-mail system) and a process for approaching recruiting. I instructed all my staff to attend.

As a result, our technical recruiting firm found many useful tools to improve our technical recruitment prowess. We have already successfully employed many of these techniques to uncover difficult-to-find technical job candidates for our clients in burgeoning technology areas such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine vision systems.

Teaching These Techniques To Our Clients

We have received numerous testimonials from our clients who have asked us to teach them on the use of these LinkedIn advanced technical recruiting techniques. On a consulting basis our sessions have included: a) the slideshow presentation b) the audio presentation and c) our instruction on the 5 Boolean Operators {AND, OR, NOT, “ “ and ( ) } that are supported by LinkedIn.

These techniques have helped our clients and our firm to uncover the passive candidates who are not actively looking for a new job and are very difficult to reach.

To learn how Strategic Search Corporation can also help you to improve your technical recruitment process, please go to our technical recruiting informational page.

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