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AI | Artificial Intelligence Engineering Recruiting By Trump

Artificial Intelligence or AI technical engineering R&D or research and development scientific IT and manufacturing technology jobs recruiting needs to increase
AI or artificial intelligence recruiting was heralded when President Trump signing an executive order Monday. The order directed federal agencies to support development of artificial intelligence. This is a positive sign that the U.S. wants to remain the world leader in developing cutting edge technologies such as AI, 5G, quantum … Read More

Recruiting Jobs In Bad Weather | Interview On CBS Radio

Recruiting Engineering, scientific, IT, R&D or research and development and manufacturing talent getting tough. Aggressive engineer and scientist talent recruitment needed

Recruiting jobs is a challenge during bad weather. This is especially true during the recent terrible weather we had here in Chicago. At that time the wind chill dropped temperatures to 50 degrees BELOW ZERO!

As a result, Kris Kridel AND Cisco Cotto called to interview me about recruitment tips … Read More

Robotics Engineering Job Recruiting Interview On WGN Radio

Recruiting of robotics and automation engineers taking place at an accelerated rate by today’s top retailers. This is creating a WAR FOR ROBOTICS AND AI TALENT. New recruitment of robotics is consistent with the worldwide demand for engineer job openings in the robot field. Total demand has far outstripped the current supply of qualified candidates. Now this robotic and AI recruiting has spilled over into the retail sector. These recruitment findings are supported by five retailer who by example are employing robots today. The five retail companies in particular, which have been major robot employers, are Wal-Mart
Robotics is creating jobs and more wealth for the U.S. economy as I shared in my last article. This article attracted interest from WGN Radio. I was interviewed by host Steve Grzanich on their “Opening Bell” show on Tuesday, January 22, 2019.

Below are the questions Steve asked … Read More

Robotics Engineering Recruiting Will Improve US Economy

Robotics are going around the world and U.S. robot recruiting needs to increased to add more robot engineer scientist IT and technical jobs to our economy

Robotics is the vital key to expanding automation. That key, in turn, is the catalyst to creating even more wealth and jobs for the U.S. economy according to many leading economists.

The most recent Labor Department jobs report disclosed 312,000 new jobs created for the 99th straight month of job … Read More

Jobs Creation Record 99th Straight Month | Recruiting Tough

Job recruiting increasing, but more needs to be done to assist IT, R&D, technical, engineering, scientific and manufacturing technology entrepreneurs to grow jobs
Jobs Report by the Labor Department showed today that 312,000 new jobs were created last month. This was the 99th straight month of job creation, which was another new, all-time record!

Job creation was across the board with Healthcare leading the way with 50,000 new jobs. Other significant job … Read More