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Engineering Candidates NOT Prepared For Job Interviews

engineering job recruiting soaring but engineers not prepared for jobs interviews
Engineering job recruiting continues to climb with more jobs than qualified engineers to fill them. Additionally, the U.S. Labor Department trumpeted another record with the 105th straight month of jobs creation and 224,000 jobs produced. However, a lot more effort should be made to educate and train competent engineers for … Read More

Internet of Things Benefits Are Expanding Into Our Travels

Internet of Things or IoT engineer scientist R&D IT technical or manufacturing jobs recruiting is soaring making engineering and scientific recruitment hard
Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly affecting more and more sectors of our lives, including transportation. As a result, such as big data, analytics and machine learning are becoming ubiquitous.

However, these are not simply overused abstract concepts. Instead, these Internet of Things terms represent huge changes in much of … Read More

Engineer Jobs Soaring | TOP 10 Engineering Employers

Engineer and engineers job recruiting is soaring with more jobs than viable engineering jobs candidates
Engineer job openings are plentiful with exponentially more engineering jobs than engineers to fill them. I predict the need for quality engineers will continue to soar in the future despite dire reports from Mark Cuban.

I confirmed this during a recent media appearance aired on CBS Radio affiliate WBBM News … Read More

Artificial Intelligence May Kill Top Computer Science Jobs

Artificial Intelligence or AI technical engineering R&D or research and development scientific IT or information technology and manufacturing technology jobs recruiting soaring
Artificial intelligence (AI) will kill top paying computer science and engineering jobs according to Mark Cuban, billionaire businessman, investor and a main ‘shark’ on Shark Tank. It may also eliminate the need for computer scientist degrees entirely according to him.

If this is the case, it is very problematic. According Read More

Digital Signal Processing Job Recruiting Soaring | Be Ready

Digital Signal Processing recruitment is growing as AI, robotics, IoT, VR and AR are all recruiting DSP technical engineering scientific R&D IT and manufacturing technology talent
Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology is the cornerstone of most cutting edge technology today. For example, digital signal processing drives much of machine learning in artificial intelligence (AI). It also steers eyesight and movement in robotics. Furthermore, it is embedded in many other cutting edge technologies including virtual Read More