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Life Long Chicago Bulls Fan Is Worried, But Not Surprised!

Even though the Chicago Bulls are still leading 3-1 in their series with the Indiana Pacers, I am still very worried. I had hoped they would “go all the way” and win the title. However reality is now sinking in. The playoffs are like a war, which is very messy, things often “get bogged down in the mud” and are not pretty. Schemes that often work during the regular season are often overcome by rough and intense play. That’s why all-stars are needed who can get their own shot! Unfortunately, the Bulls only have one such player in Rose.

Boozer and Deng are nice players, but are inconsistent scorers. Historically, teams need at least two consistent scorers to win the title. Here’s my analysis of the playoff teams and how many consistent scorers each has. In the East:

  1. Bulls= 1= Rose.
  2. Miami= 3= James, Wade and Bosh.
  3. Boston= 4= Garnett, Pierce, Allen and Rondo.
  4. Orlando= 1= Howard.
  5. Atlanta= 3= Joe Johnson, Smith and Crawford.
  6. New York= 2= Stoudemire and Anthony.
  7. Philadelphia= 0 (Caveat: a lot of nice players, but no one they can count on for consistent scoring).
  8. Indiana= 1= Granger.

In the West:

  1. San Antonio= 2= Duncan and Ginobili
  2. LA= 2= Bryant and Gasol.
  3. Dallas= 3= Nowitzki, Kidd and Terry.
  4. OKC= 2= Durrant and Westbrook.
  5. Denver= 0 (Caveat: a lot of nice players, but no one they can count on consistently to score).
  6. Portland= 1= Wallace (Caveat: Roy used to be, but he’s still not 100% and cannot be counted upon all the time).
  7. New Orleans= 1= Paul (Would have been 2 if West was healthy).
  8. Memphis= 1= Randolph (Would have been 2 if Gay was healthy).

As a result, what the Chicago Bulls need in the off season is to recruit a top-notch “2” (i.e. scoring guard) who is at least 6’6″ or taller who can both play tough defense and score consistently. There is hope because they hold two first round draft picks and there are many college forwards available in this draft (if there is not a lock out) who can be groomed into a scoring guard. Case in point Danny Granger was a forward at New Mexico who the Indiana Pacers took with the 17th pick in the 2005 NBA draft.

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