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Jobs Strategies To Reduce Employee Absenteeism On CBS News

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Jobs are often left vacant due to employee absenteeism following major events such as the Super Bowl. These vacuums contribute to a major productivity loss by employers.

With employees not present on these event breaks, the unoccupied jobs only add to the problem of a plethora of job openings already caused by our record unemployment. As a result, human resource managers and company executives alike must become proactive and find ways to increase workplace yields.

This was the substance of what I shared with hosts Jennifer Keiper and Cisco Cotto during my appearance on CBS Radio affiliate WBBM News Radio 780 on Monday, February 3, 2020. You may click here to listen to my segment in its entirety.

Questions I Was Asked and Answered

Below are the questions Cisco and Jennifer asked me as well as my responses in italics. I hope you enjoy this interview.

(Cisco) I know you (Jennifer) somehow managed to make it in here today (for work) even though 17 million employees are expected to miss work today because of the Super Bowl Fever.

Let’s talk about that and other big absentee days with Scott Sargis, founder and president of Strategic Search Corporation.

Scott, so it’s a big day. People party obviously for the Super Bowl and they just decide to say forget it; I’m going to take a 3-day weekend?

(Myself) Right. Did your team win Jennifer or Cisco?

(Jennifer) My teams weren’t in it.

(Cisco) My team didn’t play because I’m a Bears fan. I’m a loyal company man.

(Myself) Hey just think about it. Either one of those quarterbacks could have been with the Bears if they (the Bears) knew what they were doing. Right?

(Cisco) We’re playing the long game here. We’re going to be just fine.

(Myself) One of the big things that Joyce Maroney, who is the Executive Director of The Workforce Institute of Kronos, said is organizations that proactively plan will be rewarded with fewer absences.

So, what I recommend to companies is to plan ahead and expect this as a phenomenon.

(Cisco) So what do you tell them? Just plan for a 3-day holiday? Let everyone stay home?

(Myself) To take it a step further what I would recommend (to reduce a loss of jobs productivity) is, if it is a large employer, recruiting formal focus groups. If it is a smaller company just recruit informal, adhoc focus groups of your workers.

Then ask them what you recommend doing so we do not loose (jobs) productivity during this time. Because workers are the best indicator of ideas moving forward.

(Jennifer) So Scott you mentioned that companies should be proactive, but are they being proactive? And who (which employers) especially should be proactive? The smaller employers?

(Myself) To answer your question Jennifer, companies unfortunately are not proactive. Every employer should be proactive especially small employers because losing one worker at a 30 employee (company) is going to hurt you more than a Fortune 100 company.

It’s hard to do, and it’s the medicine that you have to take, but planning ahead is the key (to preserving jobs productivity). This is a phenomenon that is happening time and time again. So, companies need to take the medicine and they need to push themselves to plan ahead.

(Jennifer) Are there other events this year equivalent to Super Bowl where we could see more of this (a loss in worker and jobs productivity)?

(Myself) Yes, with the U.S. presidential campaign as contentious as it is and then the Summer Olympics in Japan. Both of those should repeat this phenomenon.

(By the way) I failed to mention upcoming March Madness!

(Jennifer) That’s Scott Sargis founder and president of Strategic Search Corporation. Thanks for joining us.

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