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Virtual Reality Growing In 5 Top Industries

virtual reality recruiting engineers IT R&D scientist technical and manufacturing talent continuing despite COVID-19
Virtual Reality (VR) is growing despite COVID-19. VR is especially swelling in 5 key industries. This includes video games, retail, gambling, healthcare and the movie and entertainment industries.

Virtual reality is now beyond gaming and more industries are using this technology to achieve success as an innovative means. Technology has … Read More

Virtual Reality | Augmented Reality Driving Apple’s Future

virtual reality and augmented reality recruiting is increasing at Apple and other companies resulting in more VR and AR job openings than the talent to fill the jobs
Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) appear to be the cornerstone of Apple’s future efforts. This encompasses their research and development (R&D), engineering, scientific, information technology (IT), technical and manufacturing efforts and also includes Apple TV Plus.

As an example, Apple plans to debut AR glasses in 2020 according … Read More

Virtual Reality | Augmented Reality A Must For Your Business

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are now omnipresent. Online shopping is made more convenient with virtual reality apps. AR visualization tools make stock analysis easy. Pokémon like games entertain people at home and take them out of the game room. There also many examples of how augmented reality Read More

Virtual Reality Recruited For Employee Testing And Promotion

VR or virtual reality recruiting is increasing the staffing needs of engineer scientific IT technical and research and development or R&D talent as more engineers scientists and technical candidates are needed
Virtual Reality (VR) is increasingly is being recruited by employers to assist with employee testing and promotion. This is an important technology recruitment step as job recruiting continues to climb with more job openings than qualified candidates to fill them. Evidence of this comes from the latest U.S. Labor Department job … Read More

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