313K New Jobs Last Month Per Jobs Report | STEM Can Do More

job numbers are ok but improved STEM education will recruit many more high wage technical, engineering, scientific, IT, R&D and manufacturing technology jobs

Job numbers were strong on Friday, March 9, 2018. The Labor Department said nonfarm payrolls rose a seasonally adjusted 313,000 last month. It was the strongest monthly gain since July 2016. The unemployment rate of 4.1% held at the lowest level since December 2000 for the fifth straight month!

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Job Recruiting Down; “Moon Project” Needed For Jobs Creation

Recruiting more IT, R&D, engineering, scientific, technical and manufacturing innovation, technology and talent by helping entrepreneurs with a moon project

Recruiting fell in December with only 148,000 new jobs created according to Friday’s Labor Department figures. However, this marked the 87th straight month of job creation, which is an all-time record and a streak nearly twice as long as the second-best run.

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Job Recruiting Up; More Entrepreneurial Hiring Needed!

Job recruiting increasing, but more needs to be done to assist IT, R&D, technical, engineering, scientific and manufacturing technology entrepreneurs to grow jobs

Recruiting continued to rise in November with 228,000 new jobs being created and the unemployment rate continuing at a 17-year low last month at 4.1%, its lowest level since December 2000!

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Happy Holidays But Continue Recruiting & Business Efforts

Strategic Search Corporation recommends to continue your recruiting efforts even during the holiday season

This holiday season is a time for gathering and celebrating with family and friends, gift giving, reflection and thanks. However, as I shared in my 8th Commandment of Recruiting, businesses should continue their recruiting efforts year round even during the holidays. Additionally, the U.S. Census Bureau has some interesting … Read More

Overcoming Technical Recruiting Problems: Case Study Part 3

technical and engineering recruitment is getting more and more difficult

3rd part on what to do and what not to do during technical recruiting.

In my over 30 years as a technical and engineering recruiter I have encountered more than my share of staffing problems. However, one technology search assignment stands out as an instructive recruitment lesson on both: a) … Read More

AI creating A lot of New, High Paying Jobs!

Artificial Intelligence JobsAs you probably know from my past articles including "Entrepreneurs, NOT GOVERNMENT MANDATES, Are The Key To Higher Wages!" I am a huge proponent of the free market being unshackled and allowed to create new jobs and increased wages. Though no system is perfect, historically, the free market … Read More

How will Apple Endure after Jobs?

How will Apple endure without Jobs? My experience recruiting and consulting for similar entrepreneurial organizations is it will be hard.

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Thoroughly Research Your Next Employer!

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