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Overcoming Technical Recruiting Problems: Case Study Part 2

As I shared last week in part one, this is a case study on both how to and how not to fill your employment vacancies. It is based upon a recent technical recruiting assignment with a major food technology company near Cincinnati, Ohio. It is instructive as staffing lesson not … Read More

Technical Recruiting Obstacles of Major Food Company Part 1

In my over 30 years as a technical and engineering recruiter I have encountered more than my share of staffing problems. However, one search assignment stands out as an instructive recruiting lesson on both: a) what to do? And b) what not to do?

The tenants of this technical recruitment … Read More

Recruiting Can Be Streamlined By Phone Screening First!

The Labor Department reported on Friday that the last two months of jobs numbers have been very strong. Many economists and recruiting professionals, who feel that the U.S. economy is growing, also confirmed this!

As a result, employers need to be more vigilant in their technical and engineering recruiting practices. … Read More

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Recruiting Is Challenging technical and engineering recruitment teams

technical recruiters are finding a lack of quality AI professionals
As I have shared on many occasions, including during my two recent WGN Radio appearances, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is changing the world.

It is also stressing out many technical recruitment teams. This is the case because many companies worldwide are facing growing shortages of AI experts. These increased … Read More

Two Part Formula For Attaining Both Technology Greatness And Rapid Jobs Creation!

Strategic Search Corporation are specialists in technical recruiting and engineering recruiting.

Technology greatness can quickly remedy the slow jobs growth reported by the Labor Department recently. They announced that only 38,000 net new jobs were created last month. Most economists were predicting 158,000 new jobs. This left many staffing firms, hiring companies, economists and job candidates wondering why this occurred despite: … Read More

Recruiting Effective Management: The Key To Technology Company Success (Or Success In Any Field)!

The recently concluded 2016 NFL Draft proves that successful recruiting is the cornerstone of team success. Additionally, during my 30 years of executive search I have repeatedly witnessed a strong correlation between exemplarily staffing practices and exceptional organizational achievements. This has been the case not only for technical recruiting, which … Read More

Technology Staffing Is Strong In the Beauty Industry

there are many occupations in the beauty industry that are growing including technical jobs

On March 12th to 14th Chicago will be hosting America’s Beauty Show. Since 1912, this annual event has showcased cutting edge cosmetology including hairstyling, skin care, cosmetics, manicures/pedicures, and electrology. Many technology advances will be spotlighted including new hair and skin formulations as well as new engineering breakthroughs in … Read More

Jobs Report Points To Staffing Rising And The Need To Ramp Up Recruiting!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported this morning that the economy added 242,000 jobs in February and the unemployment rate remained steady at 4.9%, which is its lowest rate since November 2007.

As a result, employers are scrambling to fill many open positions. Especially, the demand for technical positions far … Read More

Companies Filling Technical Or Engineering Jobs In Trouble

292,000 new jobs created last month according to the Labor Department. In particular, Engineering and technical recruiting remain strong

The monthly Labor Department report released on Friday confirms our engineering recruiters’ findings over the past 8 months. Their figures showed 292,000 net new jobs created in December and an unemployment rate remaining steady at 5%. This is consistent with our surveys of employment opportunities among engineering candidates, other engineering … Read More

Improve Your Technical Recruiting By Hiring A Veteran

The goal of most corporate management is hiring the best technical candidates to achieve company goals. Therefore, as a technical recruiter I am always trying to recruit the best technology talent for my client's staffing needs. This includes recruiting development, process, automation, manufacturing, application, software, construction and civil engineers. Additionally, … Read More