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Mirror Questions Improve Technical Recruiting

Today’s technical recruiting tip is my 7th magical interview question, the Mirror Question. As with all past six technical recruiting questions I shared, this is also a form of an open-ended question. Furthermore, as I also shared previously, a lot of psychological, behavioral, human resource and executive recruiting research … Read More

Improve Interviewing With Open-Ended Questions

interviewingMany companies have problems recruiting R&D, engineering, scientific, IT and technical talent. As I have shared previously, there is a lot of psychological, human resource and recruiting research available demonstrating that the use of open-ended questions tends to elicit more information during interviewing. Especially when applied towards gaining more useful … Read More

Open-Ended Questions Improve Technical Recruiting

As I have shared previously, open-ended questions help you to elicit more information from job candidates during the interview process. Another good open-ended question is, What does that mean? You want to ask, “What does that mean?” in conjunction with other interview questions such … Read More

Interview Question To Improve R&D Recruiting

During our 25 years of existence, our technical recruitment firm has uncovered many secrets to uncovering more useful information from candidates. The normal tendency of candidates is to only provide a modicum of general information. However, to gain more and better information it is important that you both: a) ask … Read More

Technical Recruiter Tip: 1 to 10 Rating Question

25th or Silver AnniversaryOur executive recruitment firm is celebrating its 25th or Silver Anniversary this year. During those 25 years our R&D, scientific, IT, engineering, manufacturing and technical recruiters have recruited and placed hundreds and hundreds of technical and manufacturing personnel worldwide ranging from staff level (e.g. Design Engineer) to middle manager level … Read More

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