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Three Pronged Approach To Landing a Job

Recently, I have been bombarded by requests by friends, family and clients to help them find a job. Unfortunately, there is no secret to landing a job especially with this terrible economy with the real unemployment (including those who are involuntarily working part time because they cannot find a Read More

How To Avoid Hiring The Wrong Person

What Is The Cost Of Hiring The Wrong Person? You don’t want to find out. Instead, I recommend taking an investigative approach to interviewing.

For some ideas, please go to my 9th Commandment Of Recruiting video. at and click on 9th (below) to view the video. The caveat … Read More

Special Event: Saturday, August 20th

I would like to invite you to an extraordinary event that can benefit you and your colleagues in several ways. On Saturday, August 20th starting at 10 a.m. I have arranged a special symposium showcasing two experts well versed in applying SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to job hunting and recruiting. Read More

Despite A Spike To 9%, Recruiting Picking Up Steam!

Today’s unemployment rate of 9% came despite gains of 244,000 non-farm jobs in April. After falling 1% over the past 4 months, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported a .2% jump to 9%. However, many sectors showed job gains including manufacturing (+29,000 jobs), health care (+37,000 jobs), leisure and … Read More

Useful Hiring Seminar For Your Company, Clients or Portfolio Companies

I have an idea for a seminar to benefit your company, your clients or portfolio companies. It would be based upon my 12 Commandments Of Recruiting. Please go to to view.

My more than 20 years experience and extensive research shows that most entrepreneurs lack adequate staffing acumen. As … Read More

SEO Extravaganza

My SEO (Search Engine Optimization) event went well last Saturday. You may recall that I am an executive recruiter and staffing consultant who is on the cutting edge of applying SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to uncover difficult-to-find candidates including forming the largest group of SEO experts in the Chicago area … Read More

Life Long Chicago Bulls Fan Is Worried, But Not Surprised!

Even though the Chicago Bulls are still leading 3-1 in their series with the Indiana Pacers, I am still very worried. I had hoped they would "go all the way" and win the title. However reality is now sinking in. The playoffs are like a war, which is very messy, … Read More

Certain Candidates Getting Scarcer; SEO Techniques Can Be Leveraged As Low-Cost Way To Uncover Hidden Talent!

With the unemployment rate at 8.9% and prospects of it going even lower, certain talent is becoming increasingly scarce. With hiring gains last month in manufacturing (+33,000 jobs), health care (+34,000 jobs) and transportation and warehousing (+22,000 jobs) employers are scrambling to attract talent. Unfortunately, ads on job boards such … Read More

Need To Recruit More Diligently; Things Are Improving!

The unemployment rate has dropped almost one per cent (.8%) over the last two months. Also, temporary hiring dropped 11,000 after increasing steadily over the last year. Both are strong signs that employers are starting to recruit again. As a result, you need to be a lot more diligent in … Read More

Applying State-Of-The-Art SEO And SEM For Increased Sales And Better Recruiting

I recently and for the 5th straight year covered the annual SES show (Search Engine Strategies- <> ) for several clients and media outlets. This conference provides the world’s most advanced expert information on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). This is important because search engines … Read More