Recruiting Getting Tougher | Wages Rose 4%

Recruiting tougher higher wages recruitment difficult
Recruiting technical, engineering, scientific, R&D (research and development), IT (information technology) and manufacturing candidates is getting a lot more difficult! Employers spent 4% more on wages and benefits last year as workers received increased pay raises in a tight labor market, rebounding economy and period of … Read More

Recruiting Robotics Engineers Surges | Other Areas Suffer

Robotics applications and engineering job recruiting growing with more robot scientist engineer IT R&D technical and manufacturing jobs than robots talent
Recruiting of engineers for robotics jobs is accelerating rapidly with exponentially more jobs open than engineers qualified to fill them.
This was confirmed in both my recent article and appearance on WGN Radio. Please click here to view this piece and listen to the segment in its entirety.

Ten States

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Recruiting Sluggish | Must Sharpen Job Interviewing Skills

Engineer and engineers job recruiting is soaring with more jobs than viable engineering jobs candidates
Recruiting rose by only 136,000 jobs last month according to today’s Labor Department employment figures. Though it was another all-time record with the 108th straight month of jobs creation, it was only an increase of 6,000 jobs over the previous month’s increase of 130,000 jobs. As a result, only 266,000 … Read More

Recruiting and Retaining Key Talent Requires Creativity

Engineer and engineers job recruiting is soaring with more jobs than viable engineering jobs candidates
Recruiting engineers, scientists, research and development (R&D), information technology (IT) and other technical talent has become increasingly more difficult over the past 18 months. We find this to be the case because most technology candidates are both in high demand as well as short supply. Additionally, retaining key R&D, IT, … Read More

Recruiting Older Workers A Boon To Job Recruitment

Recruiting of older workers is happening due to a shortage of technical engineering R&D scientific and manufacturing technology talent for recruiting jobs
Recruiting key engineering, scientific, manufacturing, R&D (research and development) and IT (information technology) talent is becoming increasingly more difficult with the unemployment rate dropping to its lowest level since December 1969! This was confirmed by the Labor Department today, which also announced another new record, the 103rd straight month of … Read More

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