Manufacturing Can Lead Us Out Of The Pandemic Thru STEM

Manufacturing Can Lead Us Out Of The Pandemic Thru STEM
Manufacturing is not exempt from the negative economic impact of a recession. In fact, historical data reveals that manufacturing has borne the brunt of the financial damage in most U.S. recessions including the recent one caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

A study by Deloitte shows that between 2007 and 2009, … Read More

Manufacturing Slows In August | More Job Recruiting Needed

Manufacturing Recruiting Engineering, scientific, IT, R&D or research and development and talent getting tough. Aggressive engineer and scientist talent recruitment needed
Manufacturing slipped last month in the United States as evidenced by The Institute of Supply Management (ISM) Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) figures. Those U.S. numbers dropped from 51.2 in the previous month to 49.1 in August 2019. This fell short of market expectations of 51.1.

This latest manufacturing reading … Read More

Manufacturing Growth Means More Jobs Recruitment Is Needed

manufacturing job recruiting helps improve the U.S. economy and recruitment of more high salary jobs for our workers
Manufacturing job recruiting has increased significantly over the past few years. This has resulted in higher salaries for U.S. workers because manufacturing jobs tend to pay significantly higher wages than service employment.

The U.S. Labor Department job figures set another new record with the 106th straight month of jobs creation … Read More

Manufacturing, Recruiting, Jobs Rising; IoT Accelerates Job Growth!

Manufacturing, recruiting and jobs all rising but IoT (Internet of Things) technical, engineering and scientific Innovation and technology can increase the job growth!

Manufacturing is growing according to the latest ISM report. This has led to more manufacturing job creation and recruiting of key talent! The overall job market also grew last month according to today’s Labor Department report with 209,000 new seasonally adjusted jobs added in July. This caused the unemployment rate … Read More

President Trump May Increase U.S. Manufacturing Jobs

President Trump is taking steps to create U.S. manufacturing jobs

My hopes and prayers, during the recently concluded Thanksgiving celebration, are for exponentially more U.S. manufacturing jobs in the near future. Many regard the Pilgrim’s (the early settlers of Plymouth Colony) three-day feast to celebrate a bountiful harvest in the fall of 1621 as the nation’s first Thanksgiving. I hope … Read More

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