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The New Software and IT Landscape

18 million Information Technology (IT) professionalsCurrently, there are some 18 million programmers worldwide. Add to that number another 18 million Information Technology (IT) professionals for a grand total of 36 million software and IT experts who are creating the amazing technology that is transforming a wide range of industries, according to recent figures from International Read More

Small Businesses: THE KEY TO JOBS GROWTH

starting and growing small businessesAs I shared previously “Entrepreneurs, NOT GOVERNMENT MANDATES, Are The Key To Higher Wages!” government is NOT the best answer for either jobs creation or wage growth. Instead, successful entrepreneurs, starting and growing small businesses, ARE the best way to grow jobs, wages and our U.S. economy.

On Wednesday, the … Read More

Strongest Jobs Growth In 15 Years!

The U.S. posted its strongest year of job growth in 15 years and the unemployment rate fell to a post recession low last month. Nonfarm payrolls rose a seasonally adjusted 252,000 in December, the Labor Department said Friday, with broad-based gains across a wide array of sectors. Additionally, the unemployment … Read More

2015 Hiring Predications

2015 Hiring PredictionRecent figures show that the job market is dramatically improving including the last Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) job numbers for 2014 revealed 321,000 new jobs created. BLS also reported that the last two monthly unemployment rate figures for 2014 were 5.8%, which were the lowest figures since 2008! Also, … Read More

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

But what do those words mean in an economic or jobs creation sense? This festive season, or simply the holidays, is a time for gathering and celebrating with family and friends, gift giving, reflection and thanks. The U.S. Census Bureau has several holiday-related facts and Read More

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