Engineer Talent Dearth | More Engineering Recruitment Needed

Engineer talent needed Engineering recruiting accelerating shortage of engineers
Engineer talent is currently both in high demand as well as short supply. Average engineering jobs now pay salaries close to six figures. I therefore suggest to President Trump and all presidential candidates – direct your focus to viable plans to recruit more engineers into the U.S. economy. Along with … Read More

Engineer Jobs Soaring | TOP 10 Engineering Employers

Engineer and engineers job recruiting is soaring with more jobs than viable engineering jobs candidates
Engineer job openings are plentiful with exponentially more engineering jobs than engineers to fill them. I predict the need for quality engineers will continue to soar in the future despite dire reports from Mark Cuban.

I confirmed this during a recent media appearance aired on CBS Radio affiliate WBBM News … Read More

Engineer Jobs Needed For Urban Infrastructure Upgrades

Engineering recruiting will increase more engineer jobs with recruitment of big projects
Cities worldwide are growing at a rapid pace. But what is the infrastructure need and what are the opportunities for engineers?

The proportion of the world’s population expected to be living in cities in the future just keeps rising.

The United Nations (UN) now estimates that 68% of the world’s … Read More

Engineer Job Shortage | Focus On Engineering Needs NOT Wants

Engineering recruiting is growing rapidly as more engineer jobs are posted and fewer engineers job candidates are available
Engineer shortages are getting more and more acute. The most recent Labor Department macro level job figures show that U.S. employers have more than seven million unfilled jobs for the first time in history! Recruiting efforts are even tougher for engineers where recruiters are in a ‘War For Talent’ for … Read More

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