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NBA Commissioner Provides Paradigm For Action

NBA commissioner Adam SilverNew NBA commissioner Adam Silver left no doubt who was in charge with his lifetime ban and $2,500,000 fine of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Short of additionally penalizing the Clipper’s franchise with removal of future draft picks, this was the maximum penalty an NBA commissioner could levy!

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Mirror Questions Improve Technical Recruiting

Today’s technical recruiting tip is my 7th magical interview question, the Mirror Question. As with all past six technical recruiting questions I shared, this is also a form of an open-ended question. Furthermore, as I also shared previously, a lot of psychological, behavioral, human resource and executive recruiting research … Read More

Key To More Jobs: Fuel Entrepreneurs!

According to today’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report, the unemployment rate rose .1% to 6.7%. More alarmingly only 362,000 or an average of only 121,000 new jobs have been created during the last 3 months!

Some sectors did add employment including:

  1. Professional and business services gaining 79,000 last
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Motorola Employees Reactions to Lenovo’s Takeover

As you probably know by now, Motorola was recently sold off to Lenovo. This Chicagoland brand was born and bred here. Now it is likely that all the key R&D, scientific, engineering, IT and technical jobs will be lost to Asia in the near future.

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Interview Question To Improve R&D Recruiting

During our 25 years of existence, our technical recruitment firm has uncovered many secrets to uncovering more useful information from candidates. The normal tendency of candidates is to only provide a modicum of general information. However, to gain more and better information it is important that you both: a) ask … Read More