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Recruitment Vacancies Increasing Including Engineering Jobs; Need To More Thoroughly Vet Candidates On Social Media!

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Recruitment Vacancies Increasing Including Engineering Jobs; Need To More Thoroughly Vet Candidates On Social Media!


The Labor Department reported this morning that jobs rebounded last month, after a lethargic spring, by adding 287,000 in June. This was the strongest month of hiring since last October. This jobs figure was boosted by the end of a strike at Verizon Communications Inc. that the agency had … Read More

Unemployment Same At 6.3%

According to today’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report, the unemployment remained steady at 6.3%, adding 217,000 more new jobs in May.

BLS said that many sectors added new jobs including:Unemployment Rate 6.3%

  1. Professional and business services gaining 55,000 last month and has added 224,000 new jobs over the past year.
  2. Health
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Microsoft’s New CEO Bearing Fruit

My over 25 years in executive recruitment confirms that it is very difficult to replace any high-level contributor. This is especially true for successful R&D, engineering, scientific, IT, technical or manufacturing organizations. As I shared in previous articles "3 Steps To Internally Recruiting Your Next CEO" and "… Read More

Real Reason Google Bought Motorola: R&D

Strategic Search Corporation are specialists in technical recruiting and engineering recruiting.In my article at I shared that Google was dumping the Chicagoland landmark of Motorola for only $2.9 Billion to Lenovo!
Furthermore, a similar article at referenced the same information. This whole sega left a bad taste in Chicagoland area inhabitant's mouths especially since Motorola was both:
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Only 74,000 Jobs Created: ENGINEER A NEW RESUME!

According to today’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report, though the unemployment rate dropped another .3% to 6.7%, much of this drop was due to job seekers leaving the workforce (and thus not being counted by BLS)! Furthermore, only 74,000 new jobs were created last month (a drop of … Read More



  • 10+ years research and product experience with the latest focus on wireless area special on wireless location technology area
  • 10+ years of C/C++, Java, Matlab/Simulink, LabVIEW, and other programming languages on Windows/Linux development (UI application, device driver, algorithm implementation)
  • Experience in innovation and writing intellectual property disclosures
  • Highly motivated
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Design Engineering Jobs Can Help You Reach the Stars

The larger and loftier your goals, the higher the possibilities of achieving them if Design Engineering is your desired career. Think big to achieve big in life and that is what I suggest to prospective candidates who aim to create a niche for themselves in this fast-moving technological era. Besides … Read More

Nasdaq Tops 4000: More Engineering Jobs Coming!


The index

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Hiring Picking Up Steam: TIME FOR TALENT AUDIT!

According to today’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report, 204,000 new jobs were created last month. This totals 1,053,000 created over the last six months! Combined with both: a) yesterday’s Commerce Department report that Gross Domestic Production (GDP) rose an unexpectedly high 2.8% in the 3rd quarter, which marked … Read More

Government Shutdown, No Jobs Numbers; Think Small

With the Washington shutdown, there are no BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) jobs numbers today as planned. Furthermore, all eyes are fixated on BIG government. However, history demonstrates that neither federal, nor state, nor local governments are efficient jobs creators. Furthermore, big companies have been net losers of jobs over … Read More