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Employers Starting To Hire Nationwide; BUT UNEVEN RESULTS!

Though the unemployment rate dropped to 7.6% and employers are hiring more readily across the U.S. the results are mixed. For example, in Illinois, the unemployment rate stands at 9.5%. Furthermore, only 14 out of the nation’s 100 largest metropolitan areas have more jobs now than they did before the Read More

Crain’s Chicago Business Confirms Scarcity Of Technical Talent

Several recent studies have revealed an increasing shortage of skilled technical talent. For example, a recent report conducted by Crain’s Chicago Business, revealed that: a) demand for tech workers continues to rise and b) the unemployment rate for tech workers is less than 4%. In fact, for some specialty tech … Read More

Big Brother Is Watching!

As Big Data becomes a fixture of office life, companies are turning to tracking devices to gather real-time information on how teams of employees work and interact. Sensors, worn on lanyards or placed on office furniture, record how often staffers get up from their desks, consult other teams and hold … Read More

Unemployment Rate Hovers Near Dangerous 8%

Talking Points for the month

  1. 157,000 (+2,000 from December) non-farm jobs added in January. But unemployment rate up to 7.9%!
  2. 22.7 million ( Same as December)= 12.3 (+100,000 from December) mil. Unemployed + 8 (+100,000 from December) mil. Involuntarily working part-time + 2.4 (-200,000 from December) mil.
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