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Candidate Success Story: New Interviewing Preparation Tool

R&D (research and development), scientific, engineering, technical, IT (information technology) and manufacturing candidates do not interview well

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As I shared last week, the most important part of landing a job is selling oneself during the interviewing process. Unfortunately, most candidates do a very poor job. This applies not only to the R&D (research and development), scientific, engineering, IT (information technology) and manufacturing candidates my recruitment firm specializes in, but also to most job applicants, entrepreneurs trying to raise money and political candidates (e.g. Donald Trump). The result is limitless highly qualified interviewees not landing the jobs they deserve, raising the money they seek or securing the high governmental offices they desire!

Therefore, ten years ago I developed a novel interviewing preparation system to help my technical and engineering candidates perform better during the interviewing process to increase their chances of landing a job. Initially, this system was only disseminated on a one-to-one basis by my recruitment team. It assisted our recruiting candidates to “ace” their interviews. It is called The Real Benefit Exercise℠.

We twice redesigned and streamlined The Real Benefit Exercise℠. First, into an easy to use DVD format. Second and recently, with the help of e-learning experts, we engineered it into an easy to apply, online video. Both derivations helped a wider range of job candidates to perfect their interviews.

Early Candidate Using The Real Benefit Exercise℠

J.P. was one of the earliest candidates who took advantage of The Real Benefit Exercise℠. His full name, the client’s name and personal information on both will be withheld to protect both our candidate and recruiting client.

Ten years ago, I was retained to staff up an entire engineering department for a fast growing electronics and electro mechanical manufacturer. They were heavily involved with the design, engineering, process improvement, quality assurance and manufacturing of time switches and controls, sensors, timers, surge protection devices, professional lighting and pool and spa controls. Like many employers, they first tried filling their job vacancies using the advertisement route. Unfortunately, their internal staffing efforts could not quickly fill all the key technical and engineering jobs.

As a result, they retained our recruiting firm to fill 16 critical R&D, engineering and technical jobs. One of those key engineering vacancies was for the newly created position of Product Regulatory and Reliability Manager. This person was in charge of safety, performance and reliability tests for UL, CSA, ANCE, Intertek, ISO 17025 accreditation of test laboratory, EMC, RoHS Compliance and participation in development of UL and CSA Standards.

During the recruitment process, my research staff quickly uncovered J.P. who was the Compliance Manager at CSA International (Canadian Standards Association), which is a provider of product testing and certification services for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, gas and a variety of other products. He possessed all the key technical and engineering skills my client needed for their Product Regulatory and Reliability Manager job. Unfortunately, he lacked strong interviewing abilities!

Because the interview process is a centered on a sales and marketing presentation and I knew the Vice President of Engineering would only provide J.P. a limited amount of time to promote his jobs skills, I developed The Real Benefit Exercise℠ to assist him.

The Real Benefit Exercise℠ Provided Immediate And Future Success!

As a result of his diligent application of The Real Benefit Exercise℠ J.P. performed excellently during his interviews ten years ago with my electronics and electro mechanical manufacturing client and quickly landed the job of Product Regulatory and Reliability Manager. He swiftly set up engineering, testing, regulatory and reliability systems that immediately saved our client many hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Unfortunately, this client ran into some financial problems 18 months after J.P. joined. As a result, he had to again look for a new position. Furthermore, over the years, I shared both newer versions of The Real Benefit Exercise℠. Therefore, he applied principles of The Real Benefit Exercise℠ to both quickly land another key position after leaving this client. He also applied the interviewing principles to acquire several other attractive jobs in recent years.

He even wrote me recently to say:


You have told me that the purpose of the interview is to match company needs with what the potential employee can bring to the table. To achieve that, I always studied the company profile, history, people, products and information pertinent to the open position. I would only go to interview prepared with records and examples of my problem solving from past employment. Then, as you instructed me, I would ask each person interviewing me “what are the challenges that she or he sees that the company is facing that need attention or resolution”. I was than able to present what I can do for them. In contrast, I have interviewed people as well and some of them come to the interview listing all they know, sometimes a lot, and expecting that the company will have a position to would fit their needs. 


In Summary: The Real Benefit Exercise℠ Is An Effective Interviewing Preparation Tool

Because the most important part of landing a job is selling oneself during the interviewing process, The Real Benefit Exercise℠ can help you better sell yourself during this process. Whether you are a job applicant, a fundraising entrepreneur or political candidate running for high office, you will need to perform well during your “interview.”  As with J.P. The Real Benefit Exercise℠ can help you  “ace” your interview leading to your desired success!

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Iqbal Singh

October 27, 2016 at 9:38 am

Interviewing process can be very intimidating, especially when you are out of job and desperately wanting to get back to work. Scott’s The Real Benefit Exercise video is full of useful tips for preparing for a successful interview. Practicing these tips before for an interview gives one the confidence and a moral boost to ace an interview.

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