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AI | Artificial Intelligence Engineering Recruiting By Trump

Artificial Intelligence or AI technical engineering R&D or research and development scientific IT and manufacturing technology jobs recruiting needs to increase
AI or artificial intelligence recruiting was heralded when President Trump signing an executive order Monday. The order directed federal agencies to support development of artificial intelligence. This is a positive sign that the U.S. wants to remain the world leader in developing cutting edge technologies such as AI, 5G, quantum computing as well as advanced manufacturing.

The Trump directive states the White House will provide “high-level guidance” to agencies about AI regulation, research and development, workforce training, federal government data set sharing and international competitiveness. The order does not reveal specific funding details.

In a call with reporters Sunday, a Trump administration official said ethical concerns such as potential bias, job losses and civil liberty issues will be taken into account when considering governance of AI systems. The official also said the government wants to consider how AI can be used in everything from defense to health care to national security.

Recently major companies including Microsoft and Google have been calling on the federal government to develop nationwide standards for the use of AI. In 2016 the Obama administration also released a strategic plan on AI.

AI is Important To Robotics Engineering

Artificial Intelligence is extremely important for our future especially since: a) China is rapidly ramping up its AI efforts and b) artificial intelligence advancement are a critical part of robotics. I wrote about robotics in a previous article and was also interviewed on WGN Radio’s “Opening Bell” show on Tuesday, January 22, 2019 by Steve Grzanich. Robotics is creating jobs and more wealth for the U.S. economy.

As I shared on WGN Radio there are a lot of aspects to a robot. There is the actual hardware and design of robots. As a previous guest mentioned, the AI aspect is used to drive the robot. As a result, many job candidates will be needed to develop new vision systems, programming of robot sensors, developing the AI and machine learning systems that drive robots as well as maintenance personnel to repair the robots.

Unemployment in areas related to robotics is near zero. There are more job openings than candidates for the current available jobs. Therefore, employers need to be more creative and vigilant in their recruiting

AI Technology requires more STEM Education For More Engineers

As I also shared on WGN Radio, although a lot of companies such as Amazon are spending a lot of money retraining workers for robotics and artificial intelligence, our educational system in our country needs to do more. This is the case since the U.S. is slipping in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education and failing to recruit enough quality engineers for artificial intelligence.

We need a larger push to retrain workers including partnerships between employers and political leaders to invest in STEM education. This needs to be done to accelerate the future recruitment of engineers in robotics and other technology fields that arise in the future.

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Alireza Safdari

February 19, 2019 at 12:56 am

Right on point.
As someone with robotic and AI background, I always wonder if education system (prior to university) is relevant to today’s world, I think even though we talk about STEM all the time, in reality the current education systems are only focused on Math and Science parts. This is hurting the students in the long run, because when they grow up they would be a lot more employable if they were more familiar with the Engineering and Technology part of STEM. I do not say that Science and Math are note essential but there is too much focus on them. Maybe 20 years ago the math and science part would get you far in many jobs, but in today’s world, computational thinking and interaction with new technologies will increase your opportunities significantly. Perhaps maybe in the next article your can cover the contribution of each part of STEM in creating more successful individuals for the future and also the demand for each part independently based on today’s job market.


    February 19, 2019 at 1:07 am

    I greatly appreciate your comments on STEM and how increased science, technology, engineering and math education will result in recruiting more engineers and scientists for robotic and AI technology endeavors in the future.

    Thanks again for sharing,


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