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Scientific Advancement Creates More High Paying Jobs

Scientific jobs result in higher wages and more innovation for our economy
Scientific jobs are extremely high paying and exceptionally fulfilling. Though the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) most recently reported that 428,000 non-farm jobs were created, the unemployment rate stayed constant at 3.6% and average hourly earnings grew 12 cents to $31.85 in April, considerably more can be done … Read More

Recruiting Getting Tougher | Wages Rose 4%

Recruiting tougher higher wages recruitment difficult
Recruiting technical, engineering, scientific, R&D (research and development), IT (information technology) and manufacturing candidates is getting a lot more difficult! Employers spent 4% more on wages and benefits last year as workers received increased pay raises in a tight labor market, rebounding economy and period of … Read More

AI | What Is Artificial Intelligence?

AI or Artificial intelligence Is growing including machine learning deep learning and robotic vision systems
AI or artificial intelligence is an often misapplied term. Artificial Intelligence simply means intelligence in machines. This contrasts with natural intelligence, which originates in humans and other natural organisms.

AI gained its name and became a formal field of research in 1956. Initial work led to new tools for solving … Read More

Engineering Jobs | What Electrical Engineers Do?

Engineering recruiting growing especially electrical engineers

Engineering recruiting has been growing exponentially. As a result, there are significantly more open engineering jobs than qualified engineers to fill them! Electrical engineers are a prime example of this engineering recruiting surge.

Why Is Electrical Engineering Recruiting Growing?

Many of the most common, useful devices that make modern life … Read More

AI Is Critical To Our Country’s Future

AI or Artificial intelligence Is Critical To Our Country’s Future including scientific IT technical and research and development or R&D and manufacturing jobs
AI or artificial intelligence use and applications are growing at an accelerated rate!

Our global competitors such as Russia and China will soon pass us in artificial intelligence proficiency if we do not continue to advance. For example, Russia has made weaponizing AI for military purposes a priority!

With … Read More

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