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AI Job Recruiting Soaring | 5 Artificial Intelligence Skills

Recruiting artificial intelligence or AI engineer scientific IT technical and research and development or R&D for manufacturing innovation using Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP engineering systems
AI job recruitment is helping drive our country’s lowest level of unemployment since December 1969! Additionally, AI recruitment has fueled last month’s 103rd straight month of job creation!

Many use the term Artificial Intelligence (AI) loosely. However, there are few actual products that really use AI. But if you are … Read More

Recruiting Older Workers A Boon To Job Recruitment

Recruiting of older workers is happening due to a shortage of technical engineering R&D scientific and manufacturing technology talent for recruiting jobs
Recruiting key engineering, scientific, manufacturing, R&D (research and development) and IT (information technology) talent is becoming increasingly more difficult with the unemployment rate dropping to its lowest level since December 1969! This was confirmed by the Labor Department today, which also announced another new record, the 103rd straight month of … Read More

IoT or Internet of Things Jobs Recruiting Soaring

IoT or Internet of Things field and recruiting is expanding making recruitment of an engineer scientist IT technical R&D or manufacturing talent difficult to recruit
Internet of Things (IoT) continues its brisk and steady rise as our planet and everything in it becomes connected. A recent Global Internet of Things (IoT) Market Report confirms this meteoric growth. The report valued the global IoT market at $847.0 Billion in 2016 and growing at a CAGR (compound … Read More

Engineer Jobs Needed For Urban Infrastructure Upgrades

Engineering recruiting will increase more engineer jobs with recruitment of big projects
Cities worldwide are growing at a rapid pace. But what is the infrastructure need and what are the opportunities for engineers?

The proportion of the world’s population expected to be living in cities in the future just keeps rising.

The United Nations (UN) now estimates that 68% of the world’s … Read More

Engineering Recruiting Tough | More Women Engineers Needed

Recruiting more woman engineer talent and women engineers will help improve engineering technical scientific IT R&D and manufacturing technology recruiting and staffing
Engineering recruitment staffs continue to struggle recruiting key engineers for open positions. This was confirmed during my February 28th interview on CBS Radio affiliate WBBM News Radio 780 with hosts Kris Kridel AND Rob Hart.

You can click on the below link to hear the entire interview: (must adhere … Read More