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Industrial Engineering Manager

Job Description:

They are a very progressive, fast growing company in St. Charles, Illinois that is a leader in scissor lifts (e.g., they are the #1 supplier to the U.S. Post Office and a big supplier to They are also a fully integrated and fully contained, U.S. operation with all design, engineering, quoting, purchasing and manufacturing done at their St. Charles facility!

My client located in St. Charles, Illinois has never had an Industrial Engineer or I.E. department. Their founder and Chairman, who is an I.E., has handled these duties himself.

Now, he realizes that he needs to hire someone to build and lead the industrial Engineering department (I.E. Manager). He is also open to promoting the right person to V.P. of Manufacturing when his current V.P. retires in the near future.

Why Consider this company?

  1. They are the largest dock lift manufacturer in the U.S.
  2. They are expanding into new product lines, growing and room for advancement.
  3. Highest quality products in their niche with a lot of value-added engineering. As a result, margins are averaging 40-50%!
  4. Very progressive company adding six more state-of-the art welding robotics in 2022!

Company keys:

  1. Full manufacturing capabilities
  2. Processes: 1) cutting, burning and shaping of steel 2) welding of steel into structures 3) machining and 4) final assembly including painting and testing of products before shipping to customers.
  3. Materials: 1) mostly mild steel 2) some medium hardness steels and 3) grades of steel: 836 for plates and 1020 for bars and 1045-cylinder rod bars (higher strength).
  4. They have over 1600 products in their catalog and every one of their products can be modified.
  5. They focus mostly on value added, custom products.
  6. They currently have 13 total in engineering: a) 5 degreed engineers and b) the rest are designers or drafters.
  7. They currently have 4 design engineers.
  8. They are the largest dock lift manufacturer in the U.S.
  9. They are expanding into new product lines, growing as a company and there is room for advancement.
  10. Low volume, larger, custom products with high margins averaging 40-50%!
  11. 62 total employees (e. a nice, small family atmosphere and opportunity to get involved in a lot more aspects of the total product design, development and manufacturing).

 What they are seeking:

  1. B.S.I.E. or equivalent
  2. Industrial Engineering generalist with at least 3 years’ experience.
  3. (Must) Some experience with welding robots.
  4. (Must) Welding shop experience (they are a welding shop): the more welding experience the better! Especially: 1) worked with welding cells 2) how to recognize a good weld and a bad weld and 3) recognize if you are working too fast or not fast enough on welds and adjust heat.
  5. Metal fabrication experience.
  6. Design manufacturing work cell design and layout.
  7. Extensive jig & fixture design experience.
  8. Experience soaking up the tribal knowledge from the welding foremen and then standardizing it.
  9. Experience managing Quality Control.

Job Duties:

  1. Specify new welding robots. Help determine which robots to buy.
  2. Go to robot vendor’s school to learn about the new welding robots including how to program them.
  3. Design and layout of manufacturing work cells.
  4. Assembly line design and layout.
  5. Plant layout.
  6. Time studies.
  7. Manage Quality Control department.
  8. Jig & fixture design.

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