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2014 Job Market Uneven For Graduates

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

The 2014 job market for recent graduates has improved over the last two graduation job markets, but that improvement is uneven. For college grads aged 20-24 the unemployment rate this year is 4.4 percent, which is greatly improved from 7.2 percent last year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is almost 3 times better that that of their peers possessing only a high school diploma, which is 13.8%! However, these unemployment rates vary widely depending upon the field.

US job market

Recent college graduates with degrees in health care are experiencing only a 3% unemployment rate. Furthermore, a lot of hiring is being done for those with computer software, nursing and other engineering, R&D, scientific, IT and technical degrees. Additionally, many engineering recruiters, scientific recruiters and technical recruiters who are part of my executive recruiting monthly roundtable have shared that many of their clients are actually paying recruiting fees for recent graduates. This is a sign that these technical fields are in short supply and high demand.

This contrasts with an unemployment rate of 8% for those college graduates with liberal arts degrees according to a recent study by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Furthermore, not all engineering, scientific, R&D, IT and technical fields are in high demand among employers. For example, civil engineers and architects are finding it hard to land a job due to the continued weakness in the building construction industry. In these high unemployment areas when jobs are available they are usually temporary (contract) employment. Unfortunately, many recent graduates do not effectively mine these temporary opportunities.

Because of the slow growing economy countless companies fail to immediately hire full time employees due to the uncertainty of the future. However, they do often convert the best of the their temporary (contract) employees into full time positions after they prove themselves. That is why I recommend “Four Steps To Converting A Temporary Position Into A Full Time One.” This strategy will provide you a differential advantage versus your intense competition among other 2014 graduates for limited job opportunities. Please go to my recent YouTube video on the subject.

5G For Future Jobs!

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

Many of my clients constantly complain that this administration seems preoccupied with job loosing strategies such as upping the minimum wage to $10 and the Affordable Healthcare Act. That is why most seem to focus on hiring temps instead of full time workers despite desiring to grow their operations. Instead, our government should concentrate on high technology, job-creating efforts like leading the world in 5G research and development. In fact, our competitors South Korea and the EU are doing that now!

5G NetworkHistory proves that the best, new and high paying jobs are created in novel industries that may not exist today. In fact, 5G may be one of those industries. Many of my engineering recruiter, scientific recruiter, technical recruiter, R&D recruiter, IT recruiter, manufacturing recruiter and executive recruiter brethren salivate at the possibilities of 5G. They say that such a desired technology and industry will create endless streams of high paying, state-of-the art engineering, scientific, IT, R&D, technical and manufacturing jobs.

Look no further than consumer appetites for proof that 5G will take off as a desired technology and industry. Market research shows that consumers crave faster and faster connection speeds so that they can more quickly download their latest videos and live stream their favorite TV programs. Unfortunately, current offerings such as 3G and 4G do not offer seamless connections. Viewing is often interrupted by the technology limitations of 3G and 4G.

5th Generation network

Image source:

One major impediment to progressing to 5G is our educational system. As I reported in past articles Educational Reform May Fuel Better Prepared Technical Workers and Will Robots Steal Future Jobs? we need to significantly ramp up our K-12 math, science and reading education to be able to generate the necessary future engineers, scientists, IT, R&D, technical and manufacturing experts to accomplish this! PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) recently reported that our teenagers rank 31st in the world in math and 24th in the world in science! This is unacceptable and will impede any efforts to create robust technologies like 5G because we will not be able to produce enough bright and talented engineers, scientists, IT, R&D, technical and manufacturing talent to service the demand of 5G companies looking to push the envelop of the technology.

Maybe starting a Manhattan Project to simultaneously ramp up our education and push the envelop of 5G is in order. Develop an executive recruitment team to uncover the brightest minds and technologies necessary to accomplish this. Then focus all scarce government efforts on both: a) making our children number one in the world in math, science and reading and b) becoming the leader in 5G. The future of U.S. education and jobs depends upon this!

Unemployment Same At 6.3%

Friday, June 6th, 2014

According to today’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report, the unemployment remained steady at 6.3%, adding 217,000 more new jobs in May.

BLS said that many sectors added new jobs including:Unemployment Rate 6.3%

  1. Professional and business services gaining 55,000 last month and has added 224,000 new jobs over the past year.
  2. Health Care added another 34,000, which was almost double the 19,000 it added in April!
  3. Leisure and Hospitality continued to grow by adding 32,000 new jobs last month and 311,000 over the past year!
  4. Transportation and Warehousing added 16,000 new jobs last month and has averaged 9,000 new jobs over the past 12 months!

Therefore, it is my professional opinion as an executive recruiter that it is time to engineer a new resume. To that end, one mantra I recommend is: numbers, numbers, numbers. This means to include as many quantitative accomplishments as possible. Instead of saying, “I was part of a team to implement a new MRP system” one should quantify that. For example, “as a result of my 34 man-hours managing a team of 7 IT professionals, software engineers and design engineers which resulted in our new MRP system being engineered 30% ahead of schedule and saving our company $4.5 million.”

Especially if you are an engineer, scientist, IT, R&D, technical or manufacturing professional, you should include such quantitative accomplishments as patents, awards and any ways you have made or saved money for your employer. This will be a lot easier to quantify if you are an engineer, scientist or technical professional, but everyone can accomplish this task with some planning and calculations. Remember as a rule of thumb for every dollar you are paid in your job, your company will earn $3 or more for your efforts. To that end, an employer needs to feel that you will be generating profit from your work. That is why you should include as many “numbers” in your resume as possible.

Real Reason Google Bought Motorola: R&D

Friday, February 14th, 2014
google motorola tm
In my article at I shared that Google was dumping the Chicagoland landmark of Motorola for only $2.9 Billion to Lenovo! Furthermore, a similar article at referenced the same information. This whole sega left a bad taste in Chicagoland area inhabitant’s mouths especially since Motorola was both: a) a Chicagoland area legendary company and b) it will loose a lot of R&D, scientific, engineering, IT and technical jobs for the Chicagoland area in specific and the United States in general.
Over the years many technical recruiters, engineering recruiters, scientific recruiters, IT recruiters and R&D recruiters made their fortunes from uncovering key talent for the executive recruitment team at Motorola. Furthermore, Lenovo’s history (e.g. when they acquired IBM’s PC business), is design engineering and manufacturing in Asia including a bulk of the jobs there!
Google with Motorola Mobility
However, a closer look at the math behind the Google/Lenovo deal shows that instead of Google’s supposed $10 billion loss on the purchase of Motorola Mobility, they actually wound up paying only $1.5 billion for what it retained $5.5 billion worth of Motorola patents and their research labs. Here is why:

Google bought Motorola Mobility for $12.5B, but here is what Google gained in the process:

1. $3.2B – Motorola had in cash

2. $2.4B – Saved in deferred tax assets

3. $2.5B – Selling off the cable and set top box business in 2013

4. $2.9B – Sale of the handset hardware business to Lenovo

= $11B total gain from the acquisition 22 months ago (and before selling to Lenovo)! Therefore, instead of a supposed $10 billion loss on the purchase of Motorola Mobility, they actually wound up paying only $1.5 billion for what it retained $5.5 billion worth of Motorola patents and their research labs!

What are your thoughts?

Improve Your Technical Recruiting Efforts!

Monday, January 20th, 2014

The mission of each engineering recruiter at our engineering recruitment agency is to be on the constant look out for high quality engineers, scientists, IT and technical professionals to meet your engineering recruitment needs. This is but one example of the types of candidates our executive recruiting efforts can provide to meet your needs.


Business Process Optimization  Operational Excellence  Change Management

More than 15 years of leadership driving sustainable improvement of key performance metrics within multiple industries and companies of all sizes. Have held corporate-wide and global responsibility, managing up to 20 direct reports in systematically redesigning and optimizing business processes, driving continuous improvement, and leading change initiatives that…
• Lower costs
• Simplify systems
• Solve safety issues
• Enhance quality • Improve productivity
• Increase efficiency
• Streamline business operations
• Strengthen customer relations

Uncommonly strong interpersonal and communication proficiencies. Especially skilled at building buy-in and support for process improvement and change management initiatives, even among initially change-resistant leadership teams and organizations. Work closely with functional managers to incorporate their experience and expertise into solutions; create a team atmosphere in which all stakeholders are engaged, involved, and invested in the changes and improvements.

Six Sigma Green Belt – Black Belt in progress  MS and BS in Industrial Engineering

Ventura Foods, LLC – Brea, CA  $2.5 billion food manufacturer 2010 – Present

DIRECTOR OF MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS: Recruited by former boss for return to Ventura Foods as the business lead for the JD Edwards ERP deployment, leveraging prior experience to lead a team of 20 and effectively manage the business process change impact and associated change management challenges through the ERP deployment.

CONTRIBUTIONS SNAPSHOT: Faced with 11 manufacturing plants and 9 warehouses operating as 20 individual entities with little-to-no business process synergy, plus major additional challenges related to changing project managers, exceptionally tight timelines, and minimal dedicated resources, led team to meet or exceed every expectation and deliverable.

• Led team in conducting business process mapping and gap analysis in each facility; developed action and contingency plans, created communication and stakeholder management plan, provided training for each employee impacted by changes, and standardized business processes for key functions.
• Delivered first 2 ERP deployments 12% under budget, freeing funds to increase support staff which ultimately resulted in ~$2.7 million savings based on expedited deployment of remaining ERP modules.
• Consolidated 17 different tools and systems used by the operations team down to 5. Rolled out new business processes, producing real-time business results and improved efficiencies.

Informance International – Northbrook, IL  $4+ million software company 2006 – 2010

EXECUTIVE ACCOUNT MANAGER / CLIENT SOLUTIONS MANAGER: Earned rapid promotion to account manager in a global territory driving development of new business and revenue within many of the company’s largest and most important accounts. Sold and drove consulting engagements to support implementation of the company’s data collection and performance metrics reporting software.

CONTRIBUTIONS SNAPSHOT: Ranked as company’s #1 sales executive and consultant, leveraging unique mix of experience, excellent analytical abilities, and strong interpersonal skills to forge strong relationships within accounts. Consulted directly with multiple-industry clients across a wide range of Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies, translating extensive operational metrics into actionable plans for continuous improvement that lowered expenses, eliminated inefficiencies, streamlined processes, and increased productivity.

• Developed and managed Informance’s largest account, propelling a $1 million increase in sales with the Fortune 500 packaged foods company the 1st year and continuing to grow the account year-over-year for the next 3 years.
• Positioned as the #1 sales executive company-wide for 3 straight years as an EAM, producing more that 33% of total company revenue. Outsold predecessor and colleagues by greater than 20% every year.
• Raised renewal rate on software maintenance contracts from 45% to 80%, and simultaneously increased maintenance revenue 150%. Repaired damaged relationships with 4 major accounts.
• Exceeded sales target of $1 million annually every year by a minimum of 20%. Played significant role in helping company grow from $2.5 million at hire to $4 million at its height.
• Managed and consulted within many key accounts, such as ConAgra, Clorox, Chevron, AkzoNobel, Cargill, Johnson & Johnson, Halliburton, Wyeth, Novartis, GlaxoSmithKlein, Coca Cola, and more.

Ventura Foods, LLC – Brea, CA  $2.5 billion food manufacturer 2004 – 2006

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT ENGINEER: Supported and led the corporate-driven continuous improvement initiative. Facilitated and managed more than 30 Kaizen event teams.

CONTRIBUTIONS SNAPSHOT: In an effort complicated by the lack of standardized best practices and uniform operational performance metrics across the company’s 12 manufacturing facilities, led the corporate-wide continuous improvement initiative, producing ~$3 million in sustained savings and driving 5% improvement in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) within 3 years, an achievement that was 2 years ahead of the corporate goal.

• Assembled process redesign team and led process mapping and associated manufacturing process redesign at the company’s largest plant. Successfully mitigated change management challenges associated with process redesign that impacted 30 hourly workers.
– Delivered $1.1 million annualized savings by eliminating process bottlenecks, loss, and waste.
– Increased productivity in the process area 400%.
– Reduced employee turnover rate 70%.
– Solved and mitigated a serious ergonomic problem, significantly reducing recordable safety incidents.
– Implemented similar process improvements in 3 other facilities, slashing overall process time 27%.
• Provided interim operations management that laid groundwork for the turnaround of a critical, failing facility in 3 months. Improved production efficiency 5%, eliminated customer complaints, and managed 3 new product line implementations. Led task force that resulted in new process for product development.
• Realized 100% ROI in less than 4 months as the project manager for the installation and implementation of an automated, lost-time data collection system.

Coors Brewing Company – Golden, CO  3rd largest brewer in the United States 2000 – 2004

INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER: Recruited to lead the Throughput Optimization and Loss/Waste Reduction modules of company’s World Class Operations initiative. Indirectly coordinated the activities of 100s of employees. Created fully developed training curriculum for Throughput Optimization and business process criteria for Loss/Waste Analysis. Identified untapped opportunity to optimize filling operations across all manufacturing lines. Improved run times 43% to 80 hours across all filling lines in 3 months, producing $400,000 annualized savings and 4% increase in capacity.

Hershey Foods Corporation – Wheat Ridge, CO  Largest chocolate manufacturer in North America 1997 – 2000

SENIOR ENGINEER / INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER: Managed $2 million annual capital budget and 20+related projects per year; drove manufacturing process improvement for the Denver plant with 200 employees and 25 production lines. Served as SAP trainer and Power User. With an investment of $150,000, delivered savings of $1.2 million annually and eliminated the #1 customer complaint and #1 safety issue. Developed production and supply chain performance measurement tool. Recipient of QTE Leadership Award for Innovation. Served as QTE Team Leader, coordinating team efforts in deploying 2 new products, implementing SAP, improving safety and quality, and cutting expenses ~$4 million.

EDUCATION: M.S. (1997) and B.S. (1995) in Industrial Engineering, FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY, Tallahassee

ASSOCIATIONS: Institute of Industrial Engineers  American Society of Quality  Quest International

Only 74,000 Jobs Created: ENGINEER A NEW RESUME!

Friday, January 10th, 2014

According to today’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report, though the unemployment rate dropped another .3% to 6.7%, much of this drop was due to job seekers leaving the workforce (and thus not being counted by BLS)! Furthermore, only 74,000 new jobs were created last month (a drop of 156,000 from the previous month). However, with 1,309,000 new jobs created over the last 8 months, competition is increasing for existing jobs. This means that it is time to reformulate your resume!

Sectors that added jobs were:
1. Retail Trade rising by 55,000 new jobs in December. This brought the total to 121,000 jobs added in the last 3 months. Furthermore, the field averaged 32,000 new hires per month for all of 2013!
2. Wholesale Trade employment continuing to grow and adding 15,000 last month and averaging 8,000 per month for 2013.
3. Professional and Business Services added 19,000 last month and 75,000 over the last 3 months.
4. Manufacturing added 9,000 new workers and 55,000 over the last three months. However, the rate of increase is declining with only 77,000 added for 2013 versus 154,000 in 2012!

On the negative side:
1. Health Care, which has been a constant for growth over the last decade, actually decreased by 6,000 jobs. Furthermore, the employment has been trending down over the past 12 months averaging only 17,000 jobs created per month in 2013 versus 27,000 per month in 2012!
2. Construction lost 16,000 in December. However, did average adding 10,000 per month for 2013!
3. Information (e.g. motion pictures and sound recording) employment lost 12,000 in December.

Therefore, it is time to engineer a new resume. To that end, one mantra I recommend is: numbers, numbers, numbers. This means to include as many quantitative accomplishments as possible. Instead of saying, “I was part of a team to implement a new MRP system” one should quantify that. For example, “as a result of my 34 man-hours managing a team of 7 IT professionals, software engineers and design engineers which resulted in our new MRP system being engineered 30% ahead of schedule and saving our company $4.5 million.”

One should also include such quantitative accomplishments as patents, awards and any ways you have made or saved money for your employer. This will be a lot easier to quantify if you are an engineer, scientist or technical professional, but everyone can accomplish this task with some planning and calculations. Remember as a rule of thumb for every dollar you are paid in your job, your company will earn $3 or more for your efforts. To that end, an employer needs to feel that you will be generating profit from your work. That is why you should include as many “numbers” in your resume as possible.


Thursday, December 19th, 2013


  • 10+ years research and product experience with the latest focus on wireless area special on wireless location technology area
  • 10+ years of C/C++, Java, Matlab/Simulink, LabVIEW, and other programming languages on Windows/Linux development (UI application, device driver, algorithm implementation)
  • Experience in innovation and writing intellectual property disclosures
  • Highly motivated on new projects and troubleshooting with the effective ability to work independently and as a team member on group projects


BlackBerry, Rolling Meadows, IL                                                                                                                                02/2010 –Present


Member of Technical Staff – Advanced Technology (02/2010 – 02-2012)

Senior Member of Technical Staff – Advanced Technology (02/2012 – present)

Serving as a member of technical staff at BlackBerry, my main responsibilities are related to location technology research including algorithms design and development, data harvesting and analysis, DB design and development, and other  new BlackBerry 7, and BB10  product related activities.

  • Working with a third party company to prototype and evaluate new indoor positioing solutions on BB platforms and Android  platforms to meet FCC E911 phase II requirement
  • Cellular (2G/3G/LTE) location technology algorithms design and development over BlackBerry global DB
  • Leading indoor position estimation and indoor navigation research using WiFi, FM, and sensor technologies among local and remote peers
  • Prototype of  hybrid positioning system design and development
  • Evolve Edge new chipset test software package design and development
  • KF/EKF design and development for new product related research to improve touch screen user experiences
  • New product performance testing (browser, RF, and other new product feature testing) and more than 8 beta involved.
  • Several patent applications and RIM trade secrets
  • Mentor and manage several Ph.D. interns


PhoenixDyno LLC, Milwaukee, WI                                                                                                                   03/2009 – 02/2010 Software Engineer Lead

Worked as core software engineer lead in a strong team, perform advanced software and electrical design to meet overall system performance.

  • Control and Instrumentation system (LightSpeed) design and development suitable for all Motorcycle, Chassis, and Engine dynamometer models
  • Realtime control system integration and implementation
  • PID and intelligent advanced control algorithm research
  • Emission control analyzer driver development and  integration for Engine and Chassis Dynamometers


Caterpillar, Mossville, IL                                                                                                                                           03/2008 – 02/2009                                

Controls Engineer

As controls engineer, coordinate and lead the cross-functional teams with Electronic-Hydraulic system design, development, field test, and operations to deliver robust heavy duty machine products.                                                                

  • Embedded software and components development based on powertrain, engine and implementation ECM
  • Manage, Coordinate, & Integrate Electronic-Hydraulic control systems for Caterpillar off-highway machines
  • Machine Validation, Verification, and Tuning of Electronic – Hydraulic control system based on ECM machine software
  • Create and document test plan on test bench and trouble shooting manual
  • Develop control algorithms for machine EH control systems using Real-time Workshop, Simulink, and  MATLAB
  • Major Project management and design experiences – Pipelayer (PL72, PL61), Large Wheel Loader (992/993/994/988), Medium Wheel Loader(938), Track Type Tractor(D5R, D6R, D8T, D9T, D10T, D11T)


Taylor Dynamometer Inc, New Berlin, WI                                                                                                                08/2005 – 03/2008

Software Engineer

Worked as a lead software engineer in engineering team, design, development, upgrade and support all Taylor data acquisition and control system platforms including DynPro, DynTek, and WinDyn.


  • Design and implemented the advance PID tuning algorithms on embedded controllers to improve the engine dyno control performance
  • Kenworth Chillicothe Heavy Duty Truck CO. Customized dynamometer data acquisition system design and development with wireless control
  • PLC (Mitsubishi & Siemens) based Dyno control and monitor system maintenance and upgrade
  • USB based data acquisition and control system design for dynamometer applications
  • DynPro globalization (support 13 languages)
  • Engine PAR project (Engine, Gen set control. cooperate with Engineers from Caterpillar)


Hinnovation, Milwaukee WI                                                                                                                                           5/2001-10/2001

Internship (Visual C/C++)

This was a 6 months software project involving more than 20 C++ classes.                                                                       

  • Graphic User Interface (GUI) program design and development for 2D/3D medical image (MR/CT)   processing using MFC and ATL
  • Medical image (MR/CT) Image-processing and viewing application implementation

–        Medical image database access application development through network

–        OO design for 2D and 3D image class implementation

–        Medical image visualization (2D/3D) application development (image zoom, rotate, flip, crop, threshold…)

–        Graphical algorithms development


Marquette University EECE, Milwaukee WI                                                                                                                 8/2000-08/2005

PhD Candidate (Research and Teaching)

  • Fuzzy PID Control (part of thesis)

Propose a new self-PID-tuning algorithm using fuzzy logic, optimal control, and numerical optimization techniques and apply it in several applications.

  • Pattern Recognaizaion

–        Decision tree, Genetic Algorithm, Neural Network, Artificial Intelligence, and Fuzzy logic

  • Model Analysis and Identification

–         Stochastic model analysis (Kalman Filter)

–         Instrumental Variable (IV) method


Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, P. R. China                                                  7/1998-6/2000

Software Lead Engineer

BEPC is a China national lab. Worked as a software engineer in control department (40 people), main tasks were control system software development and maintenance (C/C++), High Energy Physics research project implementation.

  • BB 7, PlayBook, and BlackBerry 10 phone OS service and apps development using QNX C/C++,

Android platform app development, Java, Cascades, and Adobe flash

  • Computer language: C/C++, Matlab/Simulink, Python, Java, LabVIEW, Adobe Flash, VB/VBA, Fortran, Assembling, Perl, SQL Server, Postgres, mysql, and HTML
  • Control and Instrumentation: GPIB, RS232/485, USB, TCP/IP, VME/Vxworks, DAQ, SAE J1708/1939, CDL, PLC, PID, PCI/PXI, Motorola 6800, and Intel 8051
  • Hands-on experience of  oscilloscope, logic analyzer, spectrum analyzer and other instrument hardware
  • System modeling and estimation, feedback control system, and filter design
  • Software version control tool experience: Perforce, Git, Clear Case, Microsoft soft source, NI SCC
  • Six Sigma training, FMEA training and project management experiences



2000 – 2006       Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI 53201, USA

1995-1998          M.S in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China          

1989-1993          Bachelor in Computer Science, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China

Bachelor of Computer Science



Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Originally produced in Springfield, Massachusetts, Indian Motorcycles were a symbol of America’s fascination with motorcycle engineering for over a generation. Unfortunately, the original owners went out of business in 1953.

Many have tried to revive the iconic Indian brand. Unluckily, most of those attempts failed. However, three years ago Polaris Industries, known more for engineering of snowmobiles and ATV’s, bought the Indian brand and vowed to bring back its glory days. Recently, the results of that promise have hit the streets in the form of three mighty machines: the Indiana Chief Classic, the Indian Chief Vintage and the Indian Chieftain.

This rollout was monumental for two major reasons. First, the Polaris Director of Engineering, Director of Manufacturing, Director of Quality, Director of Product Development all teamed up to streamline the entire product development process. This resulted in accelerating the rollout of all three of these motorcycles to only 27 months! This move from conceptual design and design engineering through manufacturing engineering out to the showroom is about 50% of the time it takes most companies take to launch a new bike!

Second and equally impressively, Polaris has launched these three bikes at very, very reasonable price points. For example, the previous owners of Indian were selling the Indian Chief Vintage for $36,000. Instead, Polaris is selling their 2014 Indian Chief Classic for less $19,000 and their top-of-the-line Chieftain for $22,999!

In order to accomplish both Herculean feats, Polaris orchestrated a team effort among all their key engineering, scientific, technical and marketing personnel including recruiting the best personnel and managing them effectively. This team effort permeated their entire organization including plant managers, directors of engineering, mechanical engineers, design engineers, CAD drafters, process engineers, quality engineers, material scientists, chemists, polymer scientists and engineers, product developers, electrical engineers, software engineers and IT professionals. Hopefully, Polaris will provide a benchmark for other organizations in the engineering, scientific and technical fields that I am a recruiter for. This will result in a lot more jobs for our U.S. economy!

Drop To 7% Unemployment; Still Not That Rosy

Monday, December 9th, 2013

Before you start dancing in euphoria because the unemployment rate fell to its lowest level in five years, let’s take a closer look at the recently released Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) jobs numbers and focus on three major trends.

First, the pace of jobs growth remains way too fragile. Employers did add 203,000 and 204,000 respectively in the last two months. However, remember that this recent recession killed off 7,900,000 jobs. Therefore, even at this pace (i.e. about 200,000 jobs per month), it would take over 39 months or almost 3 ½ years before the jobs market returned to pre-recession levels! Furthermore, it is not clear that this pace can be sustained. For example, look no further than this summer for a string of disappointing jobs reports!

Second, even though the sum of a) unemployed (10,900,000) + b) underemployed (7,700,000 Americans who are involuntarily working part-time when they really desire a full-time job) + c) the 2,100,000 who just gave up looking and are not counted by the BLS numbers = actually fell by a combined 1,000,000 and was the largest cumulative decline in a long time, it still adds up to 20,700,000 U.S. citizens who are either unemployed, underemployed or just gave up looking. That is almost 15% of the working population or 1 in 6 people you meet on the streets of Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Michigan or whatever state you live!

Finally, it is not just quantity, but quality that counts in jobs creation. Nearly one-third of the newly created jobs were in low wage sectors including retailing, hotels, restaurants and temporary-help agencies. They were not produced from the scientific, engineering or technical recruiting areas that I cover including plant managers, directors of engineering, mechanical engineers, design engineers, CAD drafters, process engineers, quality engineers, material scientists, chemists, polymer scientists and engineers, product developers, electrical engineers, software engineers or IT professionals. That may explain why wage and salary income rose a paltry $8.9 billion in October according to a separate Commerce Department report released last Friday.


Design Engineering Jobs Can Help You Reach the Stars

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

The larger and loftier your goals, the higher the possibilities of achieving them if Design Engineering is your desired career. Think big to achieve big in life and that is what I suggest to prospective candidates who aim to create a niche for themselves in this fast-moving technological era. Besides procuring the needed education (e.g. B.S.M.E.), certifications (e.g. P.E.) and skills (e.g. Pro/Engineer 3D CAD) for this growing engineering category, it is extremely important to have an open, broad and adjustable attitude if you wish to accomplish a major task like designing a record-setting skyscraper with your dream job.

Design Engineering

Relocation, being one of the major setbacks for aspiring engineers; it is highly advisable to keep your horizons open for every kind of sacrifice that your dream job demands. Nothing gets served on a silver platter without striving hard towards what you in believe in. A lot goes into making a bright, shining and prospering career, along with a touch of public recognition as well. No success is complete if you do not get recognition for your successful endeavors.

Design Engineering jobs

Creating an ideal Design Engineering job for yourself in Chicago or another Midwestern location including Illinois, Michigan, Indiana or Wisconsin is highly practical and achievable provided you are competent enough for the post, open to relocation and are ready to accept the challenges that come your way. To sum it up, I would just like to say that Change is the only constant thing in this universe and if you aim to change the world per your specifications, be ready to accept and inherit this constant change on your working and behavioral pattern.